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Pocket Alien | Tee and Cake

Tee and Cake is such an adorable concept. For those of you unaware, when you buy a Tee and Cake TShirt, you also receive a recipe for a cake in the tag. I have yet to bake one of these cakes but I just think it is such a good idea.

I first discovered Tee and Cake when I bought one of their NASA TShirts. I reviewed this quite some time ago, I absolutely love it and still wear it all of the time! (Here’s the picture from my previous review!)


So now, whenever I go into TopShop, I always delve into the Tee and Cake section and riffle through the new designs to see what they have brought out. Recently I found this really cute Pocket Alien design. My sister had sent it to me over Facebook and told me I should get it. As soon as I saw it I fell in love and had to go out and sniff it out. Thrown in with pizzas poking out of pockets and doughnut designs, this one really did stand out among them all.


I love how his head is just sticking out over the top of the pocket and he is holding a peace sign (very stereotypical but extremely adorable too!)

I don’t know when the design first came out, but I do believe you can still get it in store or online here.

The TShirts themselves are ultra soft and really comfy. They have that sort of crisp and clean look – very bright white. They always seem to be original  and more quirky than your average designs. I love how they have every detail down to a T, even folding up the sleeves just gives them that extra edge.

I would definitely recommend Tee and Cake if you ever want something a little bit different.


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Hello Again | Life Update

Hello everyone! I know it has been a long time since I last posted but lots is happening at this end! I feel like I’m busy doing everything and nothing all at the same time – a lot of the time life is very much ground hog day, but I always seem to find myself leading quite a hectic life.

I have found myself a summer job at a hotel, which I must admit has been taking up quite a bit of my time recently. But that’s fine, I get on great with my boss and the other people that work there so so it takes the pain of ‘going to work’ away. I’ve also been put on my mum’s care insurance for the past two weeks leading up to my test as I really needed to pass it this time. I absolutely HATE taking my driving test, but I guess I’ve become pretty well at it having to take it FIVE TIMES.

But luckily I passed this time, they do say that 5th time’s the charm, right?

I put it all down to my outfit on the day… I was wearing my new Wonder Woman top from H&M, which makes me feel so empowered as if I can conqueror anything! (Oh and maybe the ‘Rescue Remedy’I was taking beforehand too!) I spoke to the examiner about so much random stuff I bet he thought I was a right weirdo aha. One topic of conversation was how disheveled a dead seagull on the road looked. But whatever I said must have paid off as he passed me with one minor!!

Here’s a picture of me after the test… I apologize now for how I look. There were many sleepless nights before this day and I got so hot and sweaty going around the test route, it’s not one of my best looks. But anyway, here I am posing as Wonder Woman! The photo was taken by my Driving Instructor, Alison, who has seen me through my ups and downs over the past two years. I say driving instructor, but she’s more of a friend now than a teacher! So happy to have passed 🙂 🙂 🙂


I have lots of reviews coming your way. I decided to have a shopping spree in town last week and I really can’t wait to show you what I bought!

Until next time xx


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OOTD | Summer

Hat – MissSelfridge
T-shirt – TopShop
Kimono – NewLook
Shorts – Primark
Watch – Gift
Necklaces – Gifts
Not to mention the Bowie phone case, a Christmas present from my Aunty!

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Tee and Cake | NASA

Loving my new NASA top at the moment. I bought it a few days ago from Top Shop’s Tee and Cake section as a present to myself for revising for my Alevels. I think it’s important to treat yourself every once in a while, especially when you’re bogged down with college work. A shopping spree on one side of revison and a bath and hot chocolate on the other side tends to soften the blow.

Being a fan of astrology, space and rockets I think this top is awesome! I don’t have a lot of t-shirts that have small short sleeves on them either! Not that I can complain, it’s my own fault, I tend to chop off the sleeves and the collar of my t-shirts giving them a unique and personalised feel. However, with this tee I’m planning on keeping the sleeves!

The thing I love about Tee and Cake tops is that they come with a recipe for cakes attached to the tab. I think it’s such a cute idea. I’ve not had chance to bake this recipe yet but apparently they make really good cakes – after my exams I will have to try them out!

I must admit the top itself was quite expensive. At £22 I did have to umm and ahh… especially with being a student, it’s a lot for a tee. But it was so pretty and such good quality that I couldn’t leave it behind, and student discount helped the bank account a little bit!

I’m so glad I bought it in the end and can’t wait to pair it with some shorts this summer.

Front, back and recipe on my tee!!

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