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TopShop Tall | Review

It has been a little while since I posted and I do apologise for that! It has been crazy at this end with my sister’s birthday, coming back to uni, starting the second semester. But now I’ve settled back in I will hopefully be posting more regularly. I have been wanting to do this post for some time now and am really excited to show you my new purchases.

A few weeks ago, TopShop had updated its ‘Tall’ section and oh my! I went a little bit crazy and spent some of my Christmas money on two new pairs of jeans and two leotards. It is amazing to get things that fit and are comfortable to wear, so sometimes when clothes are there in Tall, I have to get them.

You have no idea how long I have been waiting for Mom Jeans to come into 36″ length leg and here they are! I have been searching for these for ages and so I had to get them . i absolutely love these jeans. The cut is amazing as they are quite baggy but are still quite fitted making them still have that girly look to them. I love the fact they’re high waisted. I have no idea why, but I tend to go for high waisted jeans a lot more than low cut. I just think they’re more flattering.

Then I saw these… they are aubergine, but the light in my room doesn’t show off their colour too well – I’m sorry!! Anyway, take my word for it, they’re awesome. The fit is stunning. They’re jean material but very stretchy, almost like jeggings. But unlike jeggings they have a button, zip and pockets – which is a must have for jeans. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve seen jeggings I’ve always been put off by them not having pockets! Anyway, these jeans are gorgeous and because they’re stretchy they’re super comfy! They’re not too bright a purple either which means they go with almost everything. I haven’t washed them yet so I don’t know if the colour fades, however I will let you know if they do! But so far, so good.

Another thing I have always found hard to buy is leotards that are long enough in the body. But finally I have found these two funky ones in the Tall section of TopShop and they fit like a dream. It may sound stupid, but being tall and rather slim makes it extremely hard to find clothes that fit. So when these came into the store I whipped them up as fast as I could, and it couldn’t feel any better to have clothes that fit like a glove.

Let me know what you think of my purchases and please check out the Tall section of TopShop if you have struggle finding clothes that fit. I know a lot of stores don’t stock Tall items which is absolutely rubbish for girls like me. But I found out that if you go in store and ask a sales assistant to order online for you, it works out that it is free postage to your house. This makes a huge difference as you don’t have to pay for next day delivery which makes it ten times funner shopping online! Seriously check that system out… it’s great.

I hope this has shown you a little bit that is in the TopShop Tall section and has inspired some outfit choices.

You can purchase the items online here:
Mom Jeans, Aubergine jeans (aka, Auberjeans) – Oh no!! They’re out of stock 😦 But I found some very similar ones here, Stripey Leotard, Black Leotard


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Knee high socks and Bear Trapper hat | Review


Today I went shopping with my mum, hoping to find some good deals in the sales. However, I came across a bit of a problem where as I didn’t like what was in the sale but loved everything that wasn’t reduced. This tends to happen to me. Maybe it’s because I’m not that bothered about rummaging around all of the messy shelves, or I’ve bought everything I have wanted last season – which is normally the case, then I see it reduced to half price in the sale and it does break my heart a little bit.

But today I found one item in the sale that I do really love.

You will know by now that I am a little bit obsessed with hats. Bobble hats, Bowlers, Davy Crocketts… You name the hat, and I will probably have one. But this is something that I haven’t got and have been meaning to purchase for a long time.

I have never known this type of hat to be called a Bear Trapper before! I thought it was a Russian or Deer Stalker hat but this is what TopShop has it down as and so I’m going with it.

Today I got a Bear Trapper and oh my, it is so cosy! I know we will soon be heading into spring but I feel like when you live in the North you can get away with wearing hats right up until August, and even then it’s still acceptable!

This was from TopShop, in the sale at £5 – I mean you couldn’t even do better at Primark, right?

I think it is absolutely adorable and would go with any colour hair/complexion – which I must consider at the moment as I’m planning on dying my hair !!Scary!!

I got some really nice long length jumpers today, which I’m hoping to wear with this hat and some over the knee socks.

I must say though, if you have 36 inch legs, it is very hard to find over the knee socks and these literally just come to the right place. I could possibly do with them being a little bit longer so I could maybe fold the tops down, but for £3 from Primark they’re great and are super comfy.

If you’d like to purchase the hat you can still get it in the sale online here.

Please let me know what you think of my find… and if you’ve also found something cute in the sale.

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Blogmas: Day fifteen | Knitted winter wishlist

I have found some various knitted items around the shops recently that I am in love with! So I thought I would throw together a winter wishlist which might spark inspiration for your wardrobe to.


This jumper just looks like the cosiest of things. I can imagine sitting in this in January, writing up my essays feeling all snug. For me at the moment, my fashion sense is quite baggy and over-sized. I just think this jumper looks quite laid back, but also very stylish. Something you can throw on without having too much to think about, however still look like you’ve made the effort. You can purchase it from TopShop here.



I love this little roll neck. I think it is ideal for the winter months and can be put on on its own, under a jumper or dungarees. It is something that can be layer but is also a stand out piece on its own and I feel like every wardrobe needs an item of clothing like this. Again, it is from TopShop and you can purchase it here.



I think this top is just adorable. It is a knitted Tshirt which is something you don’t see that often and I think it is gorgeous. I love the colour and neck line. It’s something for those warmer days but still thick enough to keep you toasty throughout Winter. It’s such a cute piece! You can purchase it at River Island here.

There’s a lot more winter warmers which I think are so beautiful at the moment in store, but these are my current top three! Let me know what you’re wrapping up in this winter in the comments below.

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TopShop Grid Check Scarf | Review

20151103_152742 (2)

I have been needing a scarf for such a while now. Last year I was obsessed with snoods. Don’t get me wrong, they are super cuddley and really warm and I definitely will be wearing them this winter, but I just wanted something that wasn’t attached at both ends. Something you can just throw on and wrap around your neck.

With snoods, I think that sometimes you can’t get them as close to your neck as you can with a scarf as they seem to drape and hang lower. I find them not to be as warm as scarves and I really wanted to be snugged up this winter. So today was the day that I purchased myself a scarf!

I’ve seen tartan scarves quite a lot, and think they look really smart and go with pretty much everything. I wanted something rustic, that involved a lot of colours that I wear and TopShop did the perfect one.

This scarf is super cozy and super warm. It is 100% acrylic which is a life saver for me as anything woolen itches and irritates my skin so bad, especially if I get warm! So this being acrylic means I can wear it all of the time without having to worry about getting all scratchy.

I absolutely adore this scarf and will be wearing it on the next chilly day! (So probably tomorrow – haha).

You can find the scarf online at TopShop here, or in stores.



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TopShop’s Temporary Scar Tattoos

If you don’t know already, I was born with a Congenital Heart Disease called Fallot’s Tetralogy. This means there were three things wrong with my heart which needed to be fixed. I’m not going into the gory details, but I have had two operations which have left me with two prominent scars. One runs down the centre of my chest, and the other runs under my arm to the centre of my back. Then just under two years ago now, I had my appendix taken out which again resulted in a scar above my belly button, another slightly under it and one on each of my hips. If you joined them together they’d make a perfect kite! Overall, I do have my fair share of scars.

When I saw TopShop’s new release my first reaction was something along the lines of: ‘What the hell have they done that for?!’ They have brought out Gold Temporary Scar Tattoos. First of all let me say that they look NOTHING like scars in the slightest. One of them looks like a glamorous Wolverine mark and the others take on a kind of henna design form but none of them actually look like scars.

Secondly, what made me angrier about this idea is that the designer, Lucie Davis, called scars, ‘imperfections’. Now from someone who has battled with self-confidence issues about their scars, hearing a stranger call them imperfections is quite insulting. I get the idea that she wants to make scars look glamorous, but this is definitely not the way to go about it. There is not one thing about these designs that is real about scars. They’re not red or bumpy or oddly shaped. No. They are thin lines with pretty little dots, evenly spread out on either side of them. There is nothing natural at all about these designs.

I really don’t like the image that Lucie Davis is putting out either. Scars are NOT temporary. You cannot just wash them off if you don’t like them. You can’t wash off all that sadness and pain that you went through getting those scars. Scars are not just marks on your body, they hold vivid memories and intense stories that stay with you forever. So making something that significant and that meaningful into some kind of superficial money making design, really is self-centred and offensive. Lucie Davis has obviously not thought about what having a scar actually means.

I am actually quite surprised that TopShop has allowed these to be modelled, as I know a lot of modelling agencies do not like the idea of taking on girls with so called ‘flaws’. However, even though the models are pictured with these tattoos on, their actual flaws have been photoshopped out. To me this is not a way of rejoicing scars. If it was that important to TopShop to show off how they want to celebrate scars, then they should hire models that actually have real scars to be pictured in their new fashion lines instead of taking on fresh faced ‘perfect’ models.

I don’t know what you make of these scars. Please let me know in the comments. I just believe that these tattoos are extremely insincere and fake.


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Pocket Alien | Tee and Cake

Tee and Cake is such an adorable concept. For those of you unaware, when you buy a Tee and Cake TShirt, you also receive a recipe for a cake in the tag. I have yet to bake one of these cakes but I just think it is such a good idea.

I first discovered Tee and Cake when I bought one of their NASA TShirts. I reviewed this quite some time ago, I absolutely love it and still wear it all of the time! (Here’s the picture from my previous review!)


So now, whenever I go into TopShop, I always delve into the Tee and Cake section and riffle through the new designs to see what they have brought out. Recently I found this really cute Pocket Alien design. My sister had sent it to me over Facebook and told me I should get it. As soon as I saw it I fell in love and had to go out and sniff it out. Thrown in with pizzas poking out of pockets and doughnut designs, this one really did stand out among them all.


I love how his head is just sticking out over the top of the pocket and he is holding a peace sign (very stereotypical but extremely adorable too!)

I don’t know when the design first came out, but I do believe you can still get it in store or online here.

The TShirts themselves are ultra soft and really comfy. They have that sort of crisp and clean look – very bright white. They always seem to be original  and more quirky than your average designs. I love how they have every detail down to a T, even folding up the sleeves just gives them that extra edge.

I would definitely recommend Tee and Cake if you ever want something a little bit different.


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Topshop Raincoat | Review

I have indulged a little bit too much on new clothes and shoes this summer. I wanted a whole new wardrobe revamp and I think that I’m eventually getting somewhere.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to purchase a raincoat of some sort. It’s hard to predict what the weather is going to do and even when it’s raining at the moment it’s still quite warm. So a raincoat seemed to be the perfect fit for the climate!

I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a yellow Mackintosh style coat and haven’t been able to find one anywhere! The ones online seem to be really high priced and with it being quite bold, I didn’t want to order something that expensive when I couldn’t try it on. So I’ve been building my wardrobe up waiting for a yellow raincoat to pop up in stores.

Then the other day I was shopping with my mum and there it was in the window of TopShop. THE coat. I quickly went inside to snatch one up and among the few that were left there was one in my size.



It is great. With being quite tall I find that TopShop coats are never long enough in the sleeve. But with this raincoat it has the option to roll the sleeves up so that they’re three quarter length as it is lined with this really cute blue gingham style fabric, making it a perfect fit!

I wore it all around my Scotland holiday and found out that it keeps the rain out amazingly.

If you’re looking for something bright, bold and beautiful, this is definitely the coat for you.



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Bandeaus and Tassels | Mini Haul

me3 (2)

It’s that awkward time of the year where you don’t know whether or not the weather is going to be gloriously sunny or miserable and rainy. Most of the time, you can expect it to be the latter. Because of this I wanted to introduce some items of clothing to my wardrobe that were ideal for layering in the cold, but also great to wear in the few warm days that we get.

Over the past few weeks I have purchased three tops that are perfect for doing so.

All of them are knitted or crocheted in some way which is awesome for when it is hot as they’re quite hole-y and so allow air to get in and out of them, but with them being crocheted they are made out of thick, wool like material which is pretty toasty when it’s cold out.

These three tops are gorgeous. All of them are flattering in their own way and I absolutely love the colours of them. Mucky green is becoming one of my favourite colours as I think it really goes well with the tone of my hair.

I’ve always been a bit unsure as to what to wear with semi see-through tops. I mean, you could just wear your bra underneath and it would still look good, but I’ve always been a bit self conscious in doing so. I tend to automatically go for a generic white or black vest top as they look subtle and just provide that extra layer of warmth. However, this year I have been experimenting a little bit more and have ventured into buying a black bandeau. I think these are great as you still get the full effect of the tops’ design, however protect your modesty whilst doing so. They’re ace with a crop top too, as vest tops are normally too long  and you awkwardly get the bottom of them sticking out – which I never know what to do with.

I really am loving this look at the moment. I just hope that the weather picks up so I can wear these tops some more!

Find the green and red top at H&M and the black one in TopShop.

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TopShop Summer Wishlist

This summer I have decided I want to revamp my wardrobe and turn it into something that little bit more girly. I’ve noticed that I’ve hoarded quite a lot of black and grey items which is all well and good for winter, but it just doesn’t look summery at all. I want to embrace frills and pastel colours, lace and flowery patterns. The other day I bought some gorgeous dark blue jeans from TopShop Tall which I think just take the edge of black jeans in the summer, creating a more delicate and feminine look.

I am loving the pastel colours at the moment and have just recently purchased a stunning bag from New Look in pastel yellow. (You may have seen it on my previous post!)

So today I thought I would put together a few items that are definitely on my TopShop wishlist this season.


Untitled  I already have one of these gorgeous frilled tank tops, however the one I have is in baby blue. I love it so much that I might just go and purchase another!


Untitled1I have never seen anything with jelly fish on before, so I just think this is a really unique cami and super cute!



For those summer showers, this is an adorable raincoat to throw over your shoulders.


And if you know it’s not going to rain but just want that extra layer, then this jacket is perfect just to pull on.

Untitled4I must admit, I haven’t owned a pair of black shorts for a long time, but this summer I think they will be a staple as black tends to go with everything and has a certain type of classy look to it.

This is my start to a summer wardrobe wishlist. I wonder how many items I’ll actually end up purchasing before the season is out!


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OOTD | Yellow Bag

Sunglasses: Topshop

Jumper: H&M

Jeans: TopShop Tall

Bag: New Look

Boots: Clarks

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