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New Hair | Elf Ear

I’ve been wanting to do something new to my hair for quite some time now. For ages I’ve been umm-ing and arw-ing over what to do, whether it be cutting it off and getting a pixie cut, dying it ginger, and yes even getting dreadlocks has gone through my head.
For one, dread locks take a lot of time to be created, and I wanted something instant, so that was out. A pixie cut would be cute, but my long hair is kind of a comfort thing to me and there’s no way I’d want to cut it off! And dying it ginger just seemed a little bit too extreme. Especially with my complexion, I really couldn’t have imagined what it would have looked like. With not knowing what to do, I’ve been a bit down about my hair for a while.
Anyway, yesterday came and I decided to be brutal. I’ve seen many people get their head shaved at one side, but I thought this would be a bit too harsh, and my hair is quite thin as it is, so I wouldn’t want to be chopping it all off now.
That is why I came up with a half pixie cut and half long do. I must admit, I was scared when I was having it done, but, with a bit of mousse and a good blow-dry I think it looks awesome.
I’m so happy that I’ve finally had something done to my hair after all of this thinking of what to do, I’m glad I waited, and didn’t chop it all off.
Also, having an ear poking out kind of makes me feel like an elf out of Lord of the Rings. All I need now is a bow and arrow – feeling empowered!
Let me know what you think of my new look…


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Dover Castle | The War of the Roses

On the Sunday we visited Dover Castle which was such an extravagant building. It was probably one of the largest castles we’ve been to (and trust me, we’ve been to a lot). But it wasn’t just the building which was beautiful, we had caught the castle at a good time as The Medieval Siege Society was there re-enacting The War of The Roses and when you’re in a field surrounded by broad, bearded men with long curly hair dressed in armour and looking all strong, there really is no place you’d rather be!
We explored the tunnels which ran under the castle. They were dark and cold and I would imagine that when the castle was still in use they would probably be quite scary. They were very much like a maze and I’d be afraid of getting lost in them!
The tunnels bought us up into the castle grounds and we headed to the main tower which was situated right in the centre of the castle’s walls. When entering the tower you were encapsulated by the haunting sound of medieval music. It was so raw and so loud that you could hear it throughout the whole tower. It echoed down the stone corridors and every drum beat reverberated around the spiral staircases. We approached the room where the melodic tunes were coming from and there was a band of people dressed in everyday medieval attire playing their instruments to a line of what looked like medieval royalty (which later turned out to be The Earl of March: future King of England and The Earl of Warwick). Earl March demanded that one of the children, who was part of the re-enactment, went and got his helmet and when presenting the helmet to him, knelt at his foot. It was great to see people act out the past and take it so seriously. I was actually intimidated by him.
My mum thought the whole experience was pretty cool, and so asked Earl March if we could have a photo taken with them. He discussed this with the rest of the nobles and arranged it for when the music had finished. Little did I know at the time that I was the one being nominated by my family for the photo and when it came to be, Earl March pointed to the ground and demanded that I knelt at their feet. I really wasn’t expecting to kneel at their feet! I thought I’d just be able to stand next to them and have a nice photo, but nope! Anyway, it was very funny, and what should I expect if I was having a photo with the future King of England? Plus it meant I got Earl Warwick’s attention, so I guess it paid off.
The battle re-enactment that the society put on throughout the day was brilliant and also hilarious! There were two sides, the Lancastrians, who were attacking the castle and the Yorkists who were defending. Within the middle of the field there was a hill, of which the re-enactors were using as the castle moat and oh how they struggled to get up and down the hill in all of their armour. Earl Warwick set off running down the hill to battle and with all of his momentum behind him and the weight of his helmet, he ended up going into a spontaneous dive forward roll. The look of surprise on his face was amazing. I don’t know if he was more shocked or the audience!  Though he took it extremely well and immediately got back up with a smile on his face, taking a small bow with an applaud from the crowd and then *SPOILER ALERT* carried on to win the battle.
Earl Warwick looking all handsome after he won the battle. I must admit, after watching this guy re-enact the role of Warwick throughout the day, I did develop a soft spot for him.
It really does make you want to be a part of the re-enacting society, or just to be medieval! They were a very passionate set of people and with them taking what they did so seriously it made the event extremely special.
I just want to relive that day at Dover Castle again!


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Purchase of the day | Primark, The 1975

Shirts – Primark – £12

I don’t usually buy anything from Primark, it’s one of those shops where they either have exactly what you want or nothing at all but when entering today, I couldn’t resist picking up these two shirts. They’re so floaty and colourful and not for a bad price either. I’ve noticed that Primark are putting their prices up, they need to make sure they don’t get ahead of themselves!

The 1975 CD – HMV – £4.99

HMV has gone awesome. I don’t know why or what has happened for it to go awesome but the one in my town has had a total transformation since the scare of it closing down. They now sell Vinyls in-store, have a huge choice of artists that aren’t particularly mainstream and are selling CDs from independent record labels. They’ve also started hosting gigs from local bands and have even had Goldblade perform there. 
Today I purchased The 1975’s album. I’ve been aware of them for a long time, they’ve played at festivals I’ve been to and even ones hosted in my home town but I’ve never taken time to actually sit down and listen to them. It wasn’t until T in the Park was on TV that I heard them properly for the first time and since then they’ve become this summer’s soundtrack. I feel like the album is litteraly a compilation of their singles with a few extras thrown it. Every song is ace!

No17 Blusher Brush – Boots – £2.99

I finally got round to buying a blusher brush today after needing one for a very long time. It’s amazing how expensive they are which did have a big impact on the brush I chose. This one was only £2.99 and compared to £10+ that the other ones were selling for it was pretty cheap – I’ll just have to see how long it lasts for…

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Train Times | Live at Leeds

I caught the train to Leeds on my own the other weekend for the first time which was soo nerve racking but also so exciting! I’ve been on the train many times before and there’s always an automated voice that says where you’re coming up to and what stop you’re at so when boarding the train I wasn’t too worried that I’d miss my stop. However, I sat down, my suitcase besides me and I waited for the run down of places we would stop off at to come on over the speakers. I waited, and waited and the train set off. They didn’t say what stops we were approaching and what stops we were at.  I was terrified I’d miss Leeds!
It wasn’t until about half way round that the muffled voice of the conductor sounded telling everyone which stop we were at – which, thankfully, was before Leeds!
I made it and met my sister on the platform…
Live at Leeds
The rest of the weekend was less scary than the train as me and my sister set off to the festival Live at Leeds. It was amazing! The first band we saw were The Midnight Beast. I didn’t know what to expect from their performance, with seeing their TV show I thought it would just be three guys rapping on stage for an hour. But gee was I wrong. Yes it was three guys and yes they were rapping on stage, but they put on such a performance! There were dancing cats and dogs, confetti, costume changes and even ninjas; pretty impressive stuff especially for a 45 minute slot.
Then there were the Carnabells who had a 50s/60s rock’n’roll vibe going on. Chuck Berry, Elvis, that kinda thing could be heard through their riffs as a heavy influence; it even came out through their hair!
We found a couple of my sister’s uni mates and took off with them to see a band named Syd Arthur. They’ve apparently toured with the Pixies and are getting quite a fan base. They’re originally from Kent which wasn’t surprising to hear as they sound like one of these bands which have spawned from East London. They had a TOY, Horrors vibe going maybe with a bit of Charlie Boyer in there but they are definitely one to go and see.
Out of all the bands we saw there was one that stuck with me. The Scenes. I cannot explain how much talent this band had. How much charisma and confidence. They looked so young and yet they were amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off the lead singer; he had the facial expressions of Bowie and the moves of Jagger. They are what you’d call a band. They have soo much potential… don’t ever miss a chance to see them!
To round off an awesome day we saw King Charles who was as dandy as ever and even got to chat with him before his gig. Keep an eye out for our interview with him!!

Live at Leeds is something special. It’s not just the bands that make it but all the different venues that you go to. Walking from one to another, catching a glimpse of a gig and then heading off, exploring a new section of the city. It introduces you to a tonne of new music and a tonne of new people. All in all it was such a great weekend. 
He was so excited for this interview

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Parrtyyyy | My 18th Birthday

I haven’t written in a while, I’ve had writers block and a truck load of work to be getting on with. So I thought why no conquer writer’s block by letting you know what I did to celebrate my 18th Birthdayyy!!

Me and my sister decided to celebrate in Leeds. We went to watch a Gramotones gig who were absolutely amazing and ended up interviewing them before they played. There was eight of us all crammed into the back of a three seater tour bus, rock and roll much! If you’d like to read the interview, check it out on my fanzine’s blog HERE! 😀

I also go the chance to meet up with a friend that I’ve been speaking to for two years now online, which was super special and she’s soo lovely. Her name is Julia and she’s also a fellow blogger and Charlatans fan… check out her blog HERE!!

After the gig we went out to a place named The Fab Café. My sister took me there as apparently no one there takes themselves too seriously, and she was soooo right! This extremely eccentric guy called Sid was dancing with me all night. No words can describe just how eccentric he was. I mean, I could never recreate his dance moves as his arms were everywhere! His hair was gelled back, his trousers up to his waist held up with a belt, and his t-shirt was tucked into them. Not to mention his moustache. But I danced with him cause hey, why not? Within the few hours we were there he demolished around 4 packets of space invaders, so on top of his unique style, he stuunkkk of onions! Such a great way to spend your first night out. But honestly, I haven’t laughed that much in ages.

My sister and I with The Gramotones

At The Fab Cafe!

My birthday was awesome, me and my sister went clothes shopping, I got such a gorgeous necklace from my parents and in true Gramotones’ fashion, a stylophone, which I must master!

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