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I’m Back | An Apology

Hello everyone,

I realise that I haven’t been blogging for a couple of weeks now, and I’m so sorry for this. I have been extremely busy with university work that it seemed to take over my life for a good week. On top of that, my parents came down to see me one weekend, and took me to a Charlatans gig, which was amazing! And then I took a trip back home for Mother’s Day to spend some quality time with my Mummy.

I also got to meet this amazing guy and see if you can spot me in the crowd – (Where’s Wally?) aha

I have been super busy.

But alas, I am back and will be blogging on my usual days – Mondays and Friday. And, as it is the Easter holidays next week, I may find some spare time to post up a few more blogs, so keep an eye out for them!

In the meantime, take a look at my Charlatans gig review here. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for sticking by me whilst I haven’t been on the scene. I promise that I will get back into the routine of posting.

Until Friday!


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Challenge | Questions 3 / / 4 / / 5

3. Have you ever fantasised about changing your first name? To what?

Yes! Probably to Tabitha. Then it could be shortened to Tabby which sounds like Abi. At the moment though my friend calls me Bee which which I kind of like. Just different versions of my name I suppose!

4. When do you get your best ideas?

At night when I’m in that twilight zone and I’m not really thinking of anything but at the same time it’s as though all my thoughts in the day come together, mixing up ideas and producing things I don’t think I’d ever think of if it wasn’t for being in that state.

It’s either then when ideas come to me or when I’m least expecting it. Whenever I try and think of something to write or draw I can never think of anything good but when I’m not focused on anything a load of thoughts come into my head at once, it can be quite annoying!

5. Have you ever had chance to meet your heroes? 

It depends what you class as a hero. I’ve been lucky enough to meet people I admire, The Charlatans, The Heartbreaks, The Gramotones. Then there are the people I look up to like John Robb and Sarah Lay who are amazing journalists. With John Robb coming from a background pretty much like my own it lets me set my aspirations high!
But the one hero that I’d really like to meet is the Doctor who saved my life when I was two years old! I know I have kind of met him when I was a baby, but I’ve never had the chance to shake his hand and thank him. If it wasn’t for him my life would be soo different to how it is now… I might not have even made it to ten years old, let alone eighteen. I have a lot to owe this guy and I hope that someday I’ll be able to meet him and let him know how grateful I am.

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