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TopShop Tall | Review

It has been a little while since I posted and I do apologise for that! It has been crazy at this end with my sister’s birthday, coming back to uni, starting the second semester. But now I’ve settled back in I will hopefully be posting more regularly. I have been wanting to do this post for some time now and am really excited to show you my new purchases.

A few weeks ago, TopShop had updated its ‘Tall’ section and oh my! I went a little bit crazy and spent some of my Christmas money on two new pairs of jeans and two leotards. It is amazing to get things that fit and are comfortable to wear, so sometimes when clothes are there in Tall, I have to get them.

You have no idea how long I have been waiting for Mom Jeans to come into 36″ length leg and here they are! I have been searching for these for ages and so I had to get them . i absolutely love these jeans. The cut is amazing as they are quite baggy but are still quite fitted making them still have that girly look to them. I love the fact they’re high waisted. I have no idea why, but I tend to go for high waisted jeans a lot more than low cut. I just think they’re more flattering.

Then I saw these… they are aubergine, but the light in my room doesn’t show off their colour too well – I’m sorry!! Anyway, take my word for it, they’re awesome. The fit is stunning. They’re jean material but very stretchy, almost like jeggings. But unlike jeggings they have a button, zip and pockets – which is a must have for jeans. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve seen jeggings I’ve always been put off by them not having pockets! Anyway, these jeans are gorgeous and because they’re stretchy they’re super comfy! They’re not too bright a purple either which means they go with almost everything. I haven’t washed them yet so I don’t know if the colour fades, however I will let you know if they do! But so far, so good.

Another thing I have always found hard to buy is leotards that are long enough in the body. But finally I have found these two funky ones in the Tall section of TopShop and they fit like a dream. It may sound stupid, but being tall and rather slim makes it extremely hard to find clothes that fit. So when these came into the store I whipped them up as fast as I could, and it couldn’t feel any better to have clothes that fit like a glove.

Let me know what you think of my purchases and please check out the Tall section of TopShop if you have struggle finding clothes that fit. I know a lot of stores don’t stock Tall items which is absolutely rubbish for girls like me. But I found out that if you go in store and ask a sales assistant to order online for you, it works out that it is free postage to your house. This makes a huge difference as you don’t have to pay for next day delivery which makes it ten times funner shopping online! Seriously check that system out… it’s great.

I hope this has shown you a little bit that is in the TopShop Tall section and has inspired some outfit choices.

You can purchase the items online here:
Mom Jeans, Aubergine jeans (aka, Auberjeans) – Oh no!! They’re out of stock ūüė¶ But I found some very similar ones here, Stripey Leotard, Black Leotard


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Blogmas: Day seventeen | Menswear

12388126_10153777717772370_1476426555_n (2)

I am so sorry I didn’t post yesterday – that was really bad of me. Buuut I had such a busy day: my last lecture, packing, coming home, unpacking – You get the idea… However me not being able to post yesterday means that you get two posts today! There’s always a silver lining.

Anyway, I am finally home for Christmas and it feels amazing. I’ve already been stuffed full with mince pies and yummy food, starting to get¬†super Christmasy now – just need to shake this cold that I have seemed to pick up from somewhere.

Today me and my parents went shopping, and I came across the best thing ever! I have no idea why I haven’t thought about doing this yet, but better late than never I guess. I was wandering around the Men’s section in Next looking at all of their Christmas jumpers, when I came across their Pyjama isle (yeees this is a little follow on post from Blogmas day fourteen). I was having a browse through and found a small LONG pair of red and black pyjama pants. You have no idea how excited I was.

I quickly puled them out off the hanged and held them up to my legs. They looked as though they would be the perfect fit. There was no way I could leave them behind. I know Next is a little bit expensive so my first thought was to try Primark’s Men’s section. However, they were so perfect and so soft that my mum and dad kindly treated me to the pair. They know my troubles of finding pants that are long enough and so it’s kind of a get¬†it whilst it’s there moment with things like this.

On the way to the till we started to check out all of the ‘Long’ sections. For a while now I have been wanting some tracksuit bottoms for those cosy days in where you lounge around the house. You kind of want to half make the effort and so don’t want to be in your Pjs all day, however, you still want to feel snug and comfy. I have not been able to find any tracksuits long enough and have searched high and low. But this was in the Women’s area. I hadn’t thought about checking the Men’s section. So in Next I came across a gorgeous pair of black tracksuit bottoms, in the size Small and Long. Just like the Pj pants, I had to get them. They were ¬£22 but fit perfectly! And for some good quality tracksuits I don’t think that that is bad at all.

I had to spread the news about finding pants that are long enough as if you’ve been reading my blogs, you will know about my life long battle with this problem!

If you too have long legs I would really recommend checking out the Men’s section. It might be a bit daunting at first, but they have some really lovely things that could be for both male and females. Honestly, tonight was such a lucky find and I will most definitely be purchasing men’s pyjamas from now on.

Please let me know if you have the problem of having ultra long legs, and where you buy your clothes from!

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OOTD | Yellow Bag

Sunglasses: Topshop

Jumper: H&M

Jeans: TopShop Tall

Bag: New Look

Boots: Clarks


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Being Tall | Pros and Cons

11132110_10153207003862370_1498976004_n (2)

I have a love hate relationship with my height. I currently stand at 5ft 10″ which is above the average height of women in the UK by four inches. It may not seem a lot, but these four inches make a huge difference in day to day life. However sometimes I think the cons outweigh the pros.

There are a lot of positives that come with being tall. When you’re at a gig you can stand almost anywhere and end up getting an alright view of the stage. In a club you’re a good head above everyone else and so can see your friends if you get lost or¬†even¬†maybe make eye contact with that tall, dark and handsome man who also stands a head above the crowd (though this¬†rarely happens).

You get first pick of the tall guys.

You’re constantly told that because of your height you could be a model which boosts your self esteem quite a lot – though I have been told that models need a peculiar face so I’d fit in fine which I haven’t quite decided if that’s a compliment or not.

I also think being tall makes you feel more badass. Animal instinct kicks in so¬†people tend to see you as more authoritative. Being tall gives you power. I’ve also read that you’re more likely to get a better wage than someone smaller than you – whether or not that’s true, it’s definitely a pro to being tall.

Then there’s your long legs! Everyone is envious and it¬†helps you pull off the latest fashion trends. But long legs are not all what they’re cracked up to be…

At the cinema or theater it’s an absolute pain if you don’t get the end seat as your knees end up in the back of the chair in front of you.

At university, the beds are tiny and so you find that your toes stick out giving you cold feet!

In photos you’re always in danger of only getting half of your head in so to stop this from happening you have to slightly bend your knees to make yourself a normal height.

You have trouble keeping a good posture as you’re constantly trying to be at everyone else’s level.

When your friends pull out their umbrellas you always stand above them getting wet and missing out on the conversation.

And then the worst thing of all is that you can never find jeans or trousers that fit.

Countless times have I walked into a store looking for the tall section and being told that you have to go online. It’s practically impossible to go somewhere and pick up a pair of jeans that are long enough. Pretty much¬†every clothes shop has an in store petite section, so why are tall people left out and discriminated against?

I was in New Look the other day, and I found some gorgeous maxi trousers that would be perfect for summer, however, when trying them on they were about an inch too short! It was heart breaking. I’ve looked online for something similar and nowhere does anything long enough. It’s a nightmare.

Not only do shops not have tall sections, on the rare occasion that they do, you only get an small choice of clothes. I get so excited when I find a tall section that I can browse in real life and not virtually, however when you start looking, everything is work clothes, or plus sized. It’s impossible to get a casual outfit that fits.

I really think clothe shops should start catering more for tall people. I love shopping but I do sometimes just want to give up as it becomes a lot of effort to find things that fit properly, and when you can’t find anything, it’s so upsetting. I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes that there should be a wider range in the Tall section. As they say, the world is only getting taller.


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