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Blogmas: Day six | Christmas tree reveal


I have had such a fun weekend with my family!

It has become tradition that every year me and my family put the Christmas tree up on the first weekend of December. This came about when I was two years old and had just left hospital after having open heart surgery. When I got home all I wanted to do was put the Christmas tree up and so we did. Now whenever it is the first weekend of December I will always try and make it home to help put the tree up – it is a precious time.

The baubles on our tree all have memories attached to them. It is packed full of our family history; with decorations made by me and my sister when we were younger; presents we bought for Santa (but was left behind so he could admire it on our tree every year); and gifts given to us by family.

Here are three baubles that are very special to me.


I think this is just super cute. It was bought for me on my first Christmas and has stayed intact and been hung on the tree for nineteen years. What makes it more adorable is that my sister has an identical bauble to this one, just with her name and date of birth on. I think they are extremely special and will hopefully be on the tree for many more years to come!

3This little piggy was one of my Grandpa’s favourite tree decorations. I have no idea why… it isn’t the most glamorous of  tree decorations he could have chosen. However, it was and therefore we have it on our tree every year. My mum doesn’t really like the look of it, so there is an on going joke in our family that he should be what sits on top of the tree instead of the star.


This gorgeous bauble was made for us by my Nana one year. She is so amazing at sewing and creating cute little things like this. There are quite a few baubles on the tree she’s made, and also a little soft angel. But this is one of my favourites… I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to Christmas and I just think this looks so shiny and lovely. My Nana is extremely clever!

So there is my Christmas tree this year, and just a small insight about what is on it and what it means to me. I think it looks pretty damn good and very traditional which is something I love about it. I think having a green tree filled with red and gold baubles makes your home super cosy. Unfortunately I had to venture back to university to finish off this semester, but now that I have seen my home decorated I am literally counting down the days until I can come back home for Christmas. I cannot wait to spend more time with my family. I love them so much!

Comment below with a photo of your Christmas tree! I would love to see it, and let me know what you think of mine x

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