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Soap and Glory Eyes | Review

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When choosing makeup I always go for the same products. This is probably because I have used them for a while and I fully trust them… it scares me to try anything different. However I came to realise that I never venture out of my comfort zone!

I went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester the other week with my aunty. If you’ve never been it’s like ahuge outlet with so many different shops and stores in there, it’s amazing – and can be quite overwhelming!

I went into Boots to replenish my mascara and eyeliner and automatically started searching for Natural Collection, but my aunty said I should try something new. So after spending a good half an hour looking for the ultimate mascara and eyeliner, we came across Soap and Glory.

The only Soap and Glory products I’ve used are the body butters and the body wash, which I find are so good and smell amazing. So knowing this I did have a little faith in their eye products.

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I decided to get the Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner Pen which has an end kind of like a felt tip. I sometimes find liquid eyeliner a challenge to apply but since using this I don’t think I’ll ever be going back to a brush! It is super quick and super easy to put on. In pretty much one stroke you have a complete look. You can get a really gorgeous thin effect with this tip or you can go quite heavy depending on your style. I find it really easy to control too especially when doing the cat eye look. It dries with a bold, glossy finish and even though it is a little bit out of my price range, it is so worth it and I will definitely be buying this product again.

The next item that my aunty treated me to was the Thick & Fast Flash Extension Effect Mascara. Mascara always worries me that it’s going to come out gloopy or leave my eyelashes stuck together with big black clumps in them, but I don’t tend to have any of that with this mascara. It goes on so lightly and defines each eyelash making them look longer and fuller. It tends to stay on throughout the day and doesn’t leave grey shadows under your eyes like some mascaras sometimes do.

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I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised with these products and absolutely love the effect that they give to my eyes. They allow a subtle everyday look or if applied more heavily they can create a really intense finish.

I would definitely recommend these if you want to try something new!

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Find the mascara HERE and the eyeliner HERE x

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Soap and Glory | Review

These Soap and Glory body butters were a little surprise gift from Boots at Christmas. I bought two adorable Soap and Glory sets for my friends as a present and these three butters came free with them.

I never normally treat myself to things like this as they’re not really necessities and can be quite expensive, so I was really excited to try them out.

The one thing I noticed about them is they smell amazing! It’s a very sweet smell, almost fruity, exotic and tangy.

The butter itself is thick (quite like sun cream) but seems to spread easily and soaks in extremely fast leaving you with silky soft skin.

I tend to apply the butters to my legs after having a bath or shower and they make them so smooth! However I do find it difficult to get my skinny jeans on afterwards aha! But they so worth the struggle.

When first using them I was worried that they would be greasy and maybe ruin my clothes but they’re not greasy at all and just leave you smelling soo good.

The set itself costs £8 and includes:

The righteous butter – Body moisturizer

Butter yourself – Super rich body cream

Sugar Crush – Body buttercream

I must admit, I think my favourite is the Sugar Crush, it leaves your skin looking so shiny and to me, smells the best out of all three of them, even though they’re all gorgeous.

You can buy the set from the Soap and Glory online shop here!

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