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Another Shoe Post


Like I said in my previous post, I cannot stay away from black lace up boots at the minute, and well… You may be able to guess that I have purchased some more.

I’ve been wanting some creeper style boots for a while now. I think that the thick chunky soles look really cool and tend to elongate your legs (which is every girls dream!) So when I went on a shopping trip the other day my eyes were constantly searching for some boot styled creepers to add to my shoe collection.

I found some adorable shoes in Office and couldn’t leave them behind! I’ve had other pairs of shoes from Office before and I have to admit that they were the comfiest pair I’ve ever owned. So I knew that these would feel just the same.

They are super shiny and really comfy – on my first outing in them I went on an hours walk and my feet just managed to make it round which I think is pretty good going!

You do gain around two inches when wearing these shoes. As I am very tall already this was something I had to think about – I don’t want to wear them and break the 6 foot threshold (I am a little bit self conscious of my height) but they don’t seem to make you look too much taller and so I can get away with their soles – as long as I don’t have a growth spurt!

They are quite expensive as they’re not leather boots. But you do get what you pay for, and £60 is the average shoe price today anyway! I did umm and ahh a bit as they’re plastic, and plastic, however they were so pretty I couldn’t turn them down.

I am normally a size 7 however in these shoes I had to get a size 8 so I don’t know if they’re a smaller fitting, but definitely watch that!

If you’d like to get yourself a pair you can find them in the Office shops or online here. You can also get them in Ox Blood Red which are equally as gorgeous!


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Past few days | Update

I apologise for my disappearance over the past few days, it has been ultra-busy at this end. First things first it was my A-Level results day. Luckily I already had an unconditional offer at my university meaning the stress of getting certain grades was taken away; but I was still nervous to find out what I had got. When I opened my envelope it turned out I had straight Bs which I was extremely happy with. All of my friends had gotten the grades they needed to get into their uni too sooo all in all it was a good day. To celebrate, me and my friend Millie decided to bake some cookies and a cake!
I’d bought her a Popin Cookin set for Christmas resulting in us making what seemed like the World’s smallest cake. Popin Cookin is basically a Japanese brand. You can create a lot of mini things to eat, like mini ice creams, mini sweets, but because Millie is so into baking I chose the mini cake. One minute the cake was around five sachets of powder (which looked incredibly sugary) but by adding a bit of heat and water, the next minute it was a cake! Fascinating stuff really…
 We turned it into a little demon (with bright pink hair!) I have to admit he looked pretty good – it’s a shame I can’t say the same for the taste! We didn’t end up eating more than a crumb but it was fun to make.
Popin Cookin creation. Our jelly eyed demon.

I met up with my friend Tom on results day too. He’d recently been to the Punk festival Rebellion and with returning presented me with some of my very own ‘Punk Rock’. Yep, this was a stick of Blackpool rock that the punk band Goldblade had been selling with their logo on the front. It seriously was the best thing ever! :’)
Punk Rock. There is nothing more to say
Then I guess for the other few days I have been sorting out a lot of university stuff, registering, confirming and going out shopping for all the kitcheny things and bedding… It has been busy! Thankfully though, there are only a few more bits and bobs that need picking up and I think then it’ll just be a case of moving into my new house.
All that’s left is to add a bit of colour. Pink? Or Blue?
So that was me, and even with all of this going on, I’ve managed to draw this pretty picture! I don’t know who it is, at first I was trying to turn myself into an old school Disney character… I think it’s pretty cute.

Let me know what you make of it! I will be back up and blogging now so stay tuned.

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