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Studio London Smudge & Line | Review

When I came to university, my friend bought me this gorgeous set of eyeliners as a leaving present. From fresher’s week onwards I don’t think there has been a night out where I haven’t used one of these pencils. Coming in five different colours, you get a range of adorable options of what shade to wear with your outfit.

There’s two different types of black, one is just a normal black pencil, and the other has little bits of glitter shining through. They are both absolutely stunning. I tend to use the ordinary black one in the day time and the glittery one for a night out. The glittery one seems to make your eyes sparkle and adds a great effect if you use it alongside black eyeshadow. Having a little bit of glitter there, I find, gives that extra something to your eyes – a kind of finishing touch to your face of make up.

The purple pencil is so subtle yet so pretty! I really love this one. It just seems to highlight your eyes in such a delicate way, making it great for everyday wear as it isn’t too noticeable, but gives an amazing effect.

The navy blue pencil is like the black. It adds the same effect but without that harsh edge. I must admit this is the one I wear the least, but it still gives a cute look when I do.

And finally the brown liner. This is my favourite out of the five. It gives such a natural look that you can wear it all of the time. I have a brown gel liner which I use on my top lid and this seems to compliment it so well. Not only that but it can also double up as an eyebrow pencil too!

All liners are extremely soft and so, with them having a a sponge at one end, makes them easy to smudge and blend with the rest of your make up. They are great quality , I’d recommend you check them out.. I believe you can get them in your nearest Superdrug store.

Do you have that one special eyeliner? Which brand is your favourite?


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War of the Liners

I’m a huge user of eyeliner and have been trying to find the ideal one. Over my teenage years I have managed to narrow it down to three!
They’re all completely different types of liner so I guess you can choose whichever one you want depending on what look you’re going for. I’m no make-up expert and I this is only my opinion but here are my top three eyeliners that I have come across and would recommend to anyone!
In third place I’m going to put the Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner from Collection 2000. As much as I love this look I do feel as though it goes on just that little bit too thick and can feel quite heavy. This could be due to the brush that they provide you with, it does seem a little bit too big for its purpose and so I may have to purchase a smaller one in order to get more precision. However the quality of the liner is great and stays on throughout the whole day without a single crack or smudge!

My runner up is the Clinique Intense Black Pencil Liner. This was a lucky find as it was a freebee in one of my mum’s Clinique gifts so I just randomly fell upon it (I don’t normally buy Clinique due to the expense). However, you do get what you pay for and this is a shining example. The application is easy and the liner seems so soft that you can get a sharp line on top of your eye as well as the bottom. Again, this lasts all day without any smudges or cracks and gives a lovely matt finish to your eyes.  I do feel however that it’s harder to do a line on your top lid with pencil than it is liquid which helped my decision in ranking this second place.

This takes you to my winner! The eyeliner I use pretty much every day is the Natural Collection liquid eyeliner. With the brush being so thin and delicate the application is easy allowing you to get the perfect wing and line. The brush allows you to be accurate and the nature of the eyeliner itself gives a sharp matt finish. Throughout the day it does not smudge however it may crack a tiny bit, but nothing too obvious. I find that it is the quickest one to apply and lasts all day which is why I rated this my number one eyeliner.
Which make is your favourite eyeliner? Do you find pencil easier to apply than liquid? Comment below and let me know what you think!  

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