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The Game of Life | A Poem

A desired heart never fails to feel the pain of goodbyes
A sign of wisdom or a sign of selfishness life moves on and yet you’re still the same soul with the same beating heart
Every beat bringing you further to your fate
And what does everything equate to?
Alas on your death bed would you rather see a life of love and joy or a life of work and anguish?
Why do we prize ourselves on a system of numbers and letters
A system of separation yet we are all the same
All the same playing the game
The game of life

And yet we never win.

No one can defeat fate, no matter how hard they try they cannot cheat death
There will always be suffering but does there have to be evil to allow good?
Would a child feel the same way about happiness if there was no sadness

Opposites attract,

You may be the richest of the land but the least wealthy of them all
It’s hard to conquer what we do not understand
But strength is key in this game, and if you have strength and an open heart you will no longer feel the pain of goodbyes

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New Hair | Elf Ear

I’ve been wanting to do something new to my hair for quite some time now. For ages I’ve been umm-ing and arw-ing over what to do, whether it be cutting it off and getting a pixie cut, dying it ginger, and yes even getting dreadlocks has gone through my head.
For one, dread locks take a lot of time to be created, and I wanted something instant, so that was out. A pixie cut would be cute, but my long hair is kind of a comfort thing to me and there’s no way I’d want to cut it off! And dying it ginger just seemed a little bit too extreme. Especially with my complexion, I really couldn’t have imagined what it would have looked like. With not knowing what to do, I’ve been a bit down about my hair for a while.
Anyway, yesterday came and I decided to be brutal. I’ve seen many people get their head shaved at one side, but I thought this would be a bit too harsh, and my hair is quite thin as it is, so I wouldn’t want to be chopping it all off now.
That is why I came up with a half pixie cut and half long do. I must admit, I was scared when I was having it done, but, with a bit of mousse and a good blow-dry I think it looks awesome.
I’m so happy that I’ve finally had something done to my hair after all of this thinking of what to do, I’m glad I waited, and didn’t chop it all off.
Also, having an ear poking out kind of makes me feel like an elf out of Lord of the Rings. All I need now is a bow and arrow – feeling empowered!
Let me know what you think of my new look…


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Challenge | Question 1

Are you living your life purpose or are you still searching for it?

I would say I’m still searching when phrasing it as my ‘life purpose’.
I don’t really know what my life purpose yet, but then again does anyone? What is anyone’s life purpose?
I guess I’ll start my ‘purpose’ in the next few months when studying journalism at university. But I don’t really know if I want journalism to be my life purpose. I don’t think it’s healthy to be defined by a job, unless youdefine that job. You’ll obviously be influenced by your job with spending most of your time there, but is that really why we’ve been put on this planet? Am I here to write for a publication or to take photos of what’s happening in the world? Surely that’s what you do in life in order to live but that can’t be your sole purpose.
I think you just have to live and enjoy everything you can. Take on new opportunities and basically just have a good time. Then if that is life’s purpose, I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it. You just need to be satisfied with what you have and learn to accept the life you’ve been given and then I believe you’ll begin enjoying it more.
There’s not a lot I’d change in my life at the moment, even though I’m not contributing to the world as such (I’m not saving lives or making new discoveries) I’m just living and loving and surely if you flip the statement, then I think that that in itself is the ‘Purpose of Life’.
Have you found your purpose?

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