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Elegant Touch | You live and you learn

For the next couple of weeks I’m going to be out and about seeing friends before we all go off to uni, shopping for the last bits and pieces I’ll need and basically just getting ready to move. It’s going to be exciting to start at somewhere fresh and new, but also sad to wave goodbye to the old. With all of this hustle and bustle going on, I wanted to look my best without having to make too much effort. This made me come to the conclusion of trying out some false nails. I’ve never done this before, I don’t know why, I guess I’ve never really considered buying them when I can buy a cheaper pot of nail polish that will probably last longer than the false nails themselves.
However, I branched out of my comfort zone and decided to delve into the world of stick on plastic.
I was persuaded to buy the brand Elegant Touch after reading some hot reviews and positive blog posts on them. I picked some psychedelic looking ones with a load of colour splashed in there so that they would go with anything and everything I have in my wardrobe. They looked great… in the box.
They came in a little cardboard box, and upon opening this I found that they were in a little plastic box too which I thought was very cute. Inside was an anti-bacterial hand wipe (a little bit like the ones you get with your KFC) two sets of nails (including some spare thumbs)and a nail file.
Bringing them home I was all excited to get them stuck on to see what they’d look like. There was a list of instructions I had to follow first to prime my nails.
  • No1. Remove any existing nail polish (Bye bye purple!)
  • No2. Bathe your hands in warm soapy water
  • No3. Wipe all of your nails with the anti-bacterial wipe provided within the set
All of them were simple enough. I had my hands looking sparkly clean and smelling a little bit like the hospital, but that didn’t matter.
Then came the application and again this was easy enough to do. You literally peeled off the back of the false nail exposing a thin layer of glue and then held them firmly for a few seconds on your chosen finger. I first put on the thumb and it looked good. It was the right shape, the exact length I wanted and a really cool pattern, with this one turning out so well I moved onto the rest of my nails. I finished my first hand and then my next and waited for thirty minutes which allowed the glue to dry and set. At first glance they looked okay, but it wasn’t until I started to file them down that they began to freak me out a little.
Whether or not it’s because I’m not used to them or haven’t worn them before I don’t know, but they felt so weird! The end near the cuticle didn’t feel secure and when filing them down I noticed they seemed to accumulate a lot of glue under the nail, on top of this, they didn’t seem to fit the shape of my nails either, they all seemed that little bit too big.
Having all these troubles I decided to take them off, but they were not budging. The glue was practically set and I felt as though I’d pull the top layer of my actual nail off with them! I read the instructions on how to remove them and it stated to use their ‘nail remover’ if having problems. Granted this was 5 o’ clock, the shops would have been closed. On with the peeling I went.
To be fair, it didn’t take that long to get them off and I was pleasantly surprised at how undamaged my nails underneath were.
I may try out the other set again soon, but beforehand I will be sure to file them to the size of my nail before sticking them on. However in the meantime, I will be using some good old fashioned nail polish instead, it may chip, but it’s not half as scary as these plastic claws I was fighting with today!

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Review | Miss Sporty

Sunday nights used to be nail night. Me and my mum would go through our collection of nail polishes, choose which colour we wanted our nails to be and then sit down ready to paint them in front of the TV with a hot chocolate. Downton Abbey, Selfridges, Call the Midwives and The Paradise entertained us whilst we painted our nails. You could say it was a going back to college and work ritual, we knew that when 10 o’ clock came, we’d be going to bed and the busy week would start all over again. Sunday nights were our calm before the storm.

Now with breaking up for summer and without our charming programmes on the box (Zombies seem to have replaced 20th century dramas, and who can paint their nails in the dark?) we don’t tend to have the same routine. But never the less we still find time pamper ourselves!

As you’ve probably realised by now I like to do things on the cheap side. Being a student I can’t afford to splash out a lot on clothes as come September the little money I have will be spent on food, not fashion (which makes me very sad!) So here I go saying hello to the high-street once again.

My Mum and I have found the perfect polish. It’s called Miss Sporty and for £1.99 you can’t really go wrong. The brushes are quite thick so with a few strokes your nails are covered. The quality is great! They don’t chip until at least three days in, which to me is amazing as almost every nail polish I’ve tried seems to chip as soon as I put them on! They dry quite quick though you can buy special ‘Clubbing’ ones that dry a lot quicker than just their normal brand. There is a diverse range and they even do these fancy metallic colours that seem to shimmer when in the light.

Between me, my mum and my sister we’ve practically bought almost every colour they have to offer. I just can’t get enough of them!

A small collection (you can get a lot more colours!)

What I’m going to be painting my nails in tonight. These colours look adorable together, I think they trigger something in my brain that makes me happy.

Find the brand in your local Boots store or online: http://www.boots.com/en/Miss-Sporty/

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