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Blogmas: Day eleven | Festive Lipstick

I’m not one for wearing bright red lipstick on an everyday basis. I tried it for a while and ended up getting it everywhere! However Christmas time is an exception as I think it is such a festive colour that gets you ready for the season.

The lipstick I use is from Maybelline and is called Pleasure me Red (547). I have a lot of trouble with chapped lips in the winter and so I always have to find lipsticks that seem to be long lasting and moisturise at the same time. This one is amazing for doing so as it goes on extremely smoothly and has quite a creamy texture to it. I feel that I can eat and drink and it is still on my lips by the end of the day. The lipstick itself also has an amazing smell to it. It’s kind of a warm vanilla-ry smell which just adds that little extra something to the stick.


What I also love about Maybelline releasing this colour is that they have also made a pencil in the same Pleasure me Red shade. I have never used lipliner┬ábefore buying this lipstick but it helps so much on application, especially with a darker more vivid shade like this. If you’re going to purchase the lipstick I would highly recommend the liner to go with it too. It has saved me a lot of time.

Please comment below with what you like to wear on your lips at Christmas time, I’d love to know! x


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