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Blogmas: Day eighteen | Christmas jumpers

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Every year on Christmas day, I normally get dressed up quite fancy in a cute little dress, or a nice floaty blouse. I love the whole idea of staying in and having a super cosy day but looking glamorous at the same times. However, this year me and my mum have decided to wear Christmas jumpers instead of a little dress.

You have no idea how excited I am for this. Don’t get me wrong, you can still look just as glamorous in a Christmas jumper, but the idea of being able to eat and drink as much as you can, and still stay comfy in the outfit that you’re in, is actually heavenly.

We didn’t want to spend too much on a Christmas jumper as you can only really wear them once a year, so we decided to hit Primark on our search.

12395181_10153777717362370_569806132_n (4)


I found this absolutely adorable one, with cute little penguins and love hearts on it. It is super soft and super cosy, there is no doubt that on Christmas I will be hot hot hot! It is quite fluffy which I think adds to the Christmasy winter feel. I like how this jumper is quite subtle, however still gets across the Christmas vibe. I love how crisp and snowy it looks. It’s the perfect Christmas jumper.

My mum decided to chose something a little less subtle but equally adorable.

1081433_10153777717542370_1266735068_n (3)

For me this is so sweet! The Gingerbread men (and lady) have little buttons for their eyes and a pompom on the Santa hat. I just love this attention to detail, it makes the jumper that extra bit special. It is knitted and looks really good quality – I was quite surprised as it is from Primark, but they have some really lovely Christmas jumpers in at the moment. I think the gingerbread men is again, subtle for Christmas however very not subtle at the same time! It’s great.

What I also love is the tag that is inside of the Jumper…

12386663_10153777717387370_1291798818_n (3)

I just think this is so nice and adds that little extra something to the jumper. Although you can purchase it for yourself, it would also make a really cute present for Christmas too.

These are just two of many Christmas jumpers out there! But I adore them both and I really hope you like them too! Please comment below with your Christmas Jumpers, I’d love to see what you’ve been wearing x

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Vintage and Collars


I visited my sister in Leeds at the weekend and in true Gillibrand sister style, we decided to do some vintage shopping. I wasn’t really searching for anything in particular, though if something caught my eye I wasn’t going to say no.

We went into a little church that was putting on one of those £15 per Kilo vintage fair. I was rummaging around and after finding a gorgeous red checkered coat and a slouchy blue shirt I came across this knitted piece. I’ve never really seen anything like it before, but it is really gorgeous. It’s kind of like a short sleeved crocheted jumper in the colours of beige, purple and yellow. The shoulders are slightly gathered which gives them that 80s poof-y look. I had no idea what to wear it with but it was so comfy and cosy that I instantly fell in love and couldn’t leave it behind.

Since returning back to Manchester, I have been routing through my cupboard to see what I could pair it with and decided that it looks really good with an off white shirt underneath.

I have been absolutely loving this look recently. Wearing something knitted with a little shirt collar poking out – I just think it looks adorable. I feel like this winter, my style is going to be all about layering. You can’t really go wrong with throwing on a shirt, jumper and scarf. It looks awesome and it’s extra toasty at the same time!

Let me know what you think of my vintage find. I’d love to hear your thoughts x

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DropDead Clothing | Review

twotwo (2)

I’ve been meaning to purchase some DropDead clothing for a long time now. They have had some pretty cute things on their website that I’ve had my eyes on for a while, and well… when this jumper hit the sale I couldn’t resist.

The clothes are quite pricey and I wouldn’t be able to purchase from the shop whenever I wanted too, but that’s what makes getting something from there so special. I have been dead excited for the parcel to arrive!

I initially just bought the yellow jumper but on purchase the website offered to throw in a tank top for free which was a no brainer. I quickly accepted thinking it was too good to be true, but it wasn’t! Both items arrived today and I love them equally.

I am super impressed with the quality of the jumper, I was worried that it was going to be a bit coarse but it’s completely the opposite. The fabric is so soft and light which makes it easy to wear in the summer and equally perfect to layer up in the winter. I absolutely love the design and the tears in the sleeves and body of the piece makes the item really unique. The shade of yellow used is also great. Sometimes yellows can look too bright that they take the colour out of you, or insanely neon which I really didn’t want. But this is subtle and almost pastel like. I think it compliments my skin tone quite well. I imagine I’ll be wearing this a lot in the summer!

The freebee is also amazing. I mean, when do you ever get an awesome free top thrown into the mix? Again, the quality is great. It’s kind of tshirt material but really soft and comfy. The seams look like they’re inside out which is something that I really love about the design of the top. It makes it that bit different. Last summer I went through a craze of cutting out sleeves in my band tshirts pretty much like this DropDead one so the design is really down my street. The cuts in the arms are quite low which is absolutely fine for me as I think they look super cute if you wear a nice bra underneath, but some people might feel a little too exposed. I’m sure it would look just as good with a vest top though!

All in all I’m really impressed with DropDead and might have to start saving up for another spending spree!

You can get the jumper in the sale HERE and the tank top HERE (I don’t know if the offer is still on). x

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OOTD | Yellow Bag

Sunglasses: Topshop

Jumper: H&M

Jeans: TopShop Tall

Bag: New Look

Boots: Clarks

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