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Top Three Necklaces


I had been looking for one of these since I saw it wrapped around the Queen’s (Lights Bokan) neck. I couldn’t find one anywhere in the UK and trust me I searched high and low. I told my sister about this and when I next met up with her she gave me a little parcel dressed in beautiful butterfly tissue paper. I carefully opened it and this gorgeous piece of jewelry fell out onto my lap. I absolutely love it!


I got this piece at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A guy was selling loads of carved stones. I asked him what this one was, thinking it was an eagle of some sort, but he informed me it was a Viking Valkyrie which is kind of like a Spirit Guide for the female warriors. They’re there to watch over them in battle and if they die the Valkyrie makes sure they get to Valhalla. I thought this was a really cool concept and so decided to purchase it – hoping that she will too look after me.


This little guy is a boar. I kind of just liked him cause he is really cute, but he too also has some strange spiritual related meaning behind him too. Apparently boars represent courage and strength and are often spirit guardians – again, acting as protectors from the the other side. I quite like this idea, and I’ve always had a thing for finding pigs cute… So I couldn’t not pick him up! (I found him in Afflecks Palace -Manchester).

I hope you like my collection of necklaces. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite things are to wear around your neck.

Until next time x

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Heart Necklace | Review

Since having open heart surgery the heart symbol has been a big part of my life. I’ve acquired a few pendants now that are the stereotypical heart shape. However I’ve never seen anything quite like this necklace before, which is why I had to buy it.

At first it made me laugh. I did have to question whether or not I wanted an actual heart draped around my neck. But on second thoughts, it was exactly what I wanted.

With valentines day just passed, people seem to forget about what an actual heart looks like. We don’t have this cute, red, fluffy heart beating inside of us. No. As a matter of fact, we have something very different.

I understand that the symbol has more of a spiritual meaning, of love and compassion, rather than being mistaken as a heart. But nevertheless sometimes it’s good to be reminded about what we have inside of us.

The piece itself comes on a long silver chain in a cute little box. The pendant is quite heavy and the detail is exquisite.

I love to pair this necklace up with my triquetra choker. I think they look really good together.

If you’re into this kind of thing then I would definitely recommend you buy it. But I understand that having this heart around your neck isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This necklace is not only an awesome piece of jewellery, it’s a symbol of what I’ve been through.

You can purchase it here through Amazon.

I ❤ it!


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