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Bandeaus and Tassels | Mini Haul

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It’s that awkward time of the year where you don’t know whether or not the weather is going to be gloriously sunny or miserable and rainy. Most of the time, you can expect it to be the latter. Because of this I wanted to introduce some items of clothing to my wardrobe that were ideal for layering in the cold, but also great to wear in the few warm days that we get.

Over the past few weeks I have purchased three tops that are perfect for doing so.

All of them are knitted or crocheted in some way which is awesome for when it is hot as they’re quite hole-y and so allow air to get in and out of them, but with them being crocheted they are made out of thick, wool like material which is pretty toasty when it’s cold out.

These three tops are gorgeous. All of them are flattering in their own way and I absolutely love the colours of them. Mucky green is becoming one of my favourite colours as I think it really goes well with the tone of my hair.

I’ve always been a bit unsure as to what to wear with semi see-through tops. I mean, you could just wear your bra underneath and it would still look good, but I’ve always been a bit self conscious in doing so. I tend to automatically go for a generic white or black vest top as they look subtle and just provide that extra layer of warmth. However, this year I have been experimenting a little bit more and have ventured into buying a black bandeau. I think these are great as you still get the full effect of the tops’ design, however protect your modesty whilst doing so. They’re ace with a crop top too, as vest tops are normally too long  and you awkwardly get the bottom of them sticking out – which I never know what to do with.

I really am loving this look at the moment. I just hope that the weather picks up so I can wear these tops some more!

Find the green and red top at H&M and the black one in TopShop.

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