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Halloween Make-up Tutorial | Dead Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

What you need:
Eyeshadow – dark grey, light grey, white,
Black lipstick,
Fake Eyelashes,
First things first, begin by washing your face. Make sure it is totally make-up free and ready to go, then once clean, apply moisturiser. This will create a base coat for your make up and therefore will hopefully prevent your skin getting dry.
Once you have primed your face, take some foundation, I’m using Maybelline dream matt mousse, and put some under your eyes, on your eyelid, and anywhere else on your face that might be a little bit blotchy. Doing this will help the makeup stick and stay on for the majority of the night.
 Then take some white eye shadow and cover your whole face. I applied this with a brush as I found it gave a smoother effect. I used eye shadow instead of face paint as it gave a more translucent look, giving a greater ‘dead’ effect. It isn’t as heavy as face paint either and so I knew once removing I wouldn’t have damaged my skin.
The next step is the fun part. It’s all about the contours! Take grey eye shadow (I’m using a palette from Next) and with a brush add some darkened circles to your forehead, nose and chin, then follow the line of your check bones and in a circular motion shade in a triangular section under the check bone line that you have just created. This will give you a gaunt look, highlighting your facial features.
 Then take a darker shade of grey and go over where you’ve just been. This will create a harsher feel to your make up and will give your face more depth and shadowing. Make sure you go heavy on the top lid of your eyes with the darker grey!
To create a bruised effect, it’s best to take some purple eye shadow and put this under your eyes and up to your eyebrow. It’s all about blending it in with the dark grey. Imagine you’re going for a smokey eye effect and keep on blending until you’re happy with the look.
 Then apply some black eyeliner to your water and lower lash line. Also not forgetting to smudge some onto your upper lash line. Don’t worry if this doesn’t look perfect, it’s not supposed to be a polished look.
Normally I would just it on black lipstick and keep topping it up throughout the night, but Halloween is a special occasion and therefore, I decided to colour in my lips with black pencil eyeliner. I then went over the top with some chapstick which seemed to seal in the liner. I then covered this with black lip stick and to top it off, and give a matt feel to the look, I applied some black eye shadow on the top, I find that this helps keep it on throughout the night and gives your lips a fuller feel.

Finally to finish the look, apply some mascara to your upper and lower lashes, curl them, then place on some false eyelashes. I always find that false eyleshes tend to stick on more if you put on the glue, and wait around thirty seconds before sticking them on. This widens your eyes and makes the look a lot more girly and flattering… It adds that bit of life to the look.

After all of this, you now look dead beautiful. Throw on your outfit and then enter the night.


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Past few days | Update

I apologise for my disappearance over the past few days, it has been ultra-busy at this end. First things first it was my A-Level results day. Luckily I already had an unconditional offer at my university meaning the stress of getting certain grades was taken away; but I was still nervous to find out what I had got. When I opened my envelope it turned out I had straight Bs which I was extremely happy with. All of my friends had gotten the grades they needed to get into their uni too sooo all in all it was a good day. To celebrate, me and my friend Millie decided to bake some cookies and a cake!
I’d bought her a Popin Cookin set for Christmas resulting in us making what seemed like the World’s smallest cake. Popin Cookin is basically a Japanese brand. You can create a lot of mini things to eat, like mini ice creams, mini sweets, but because Millie is so into baking I chose the mini cake. One minute the cake was around five sachets of powder (which looked incredibly sugary) but by adding a bit of heat and water, the next minute it was a cake! Fascinating stuff really…
 We turned it into a little demon (with bright pink hair!) I have to admit he looked pretty good – it’s a shame I can’t say the same for the taste! We didn’t end up eating more than a crumb but it was fun to make.
Popin Cookin creation. Our jelly eyed demon.

I met up with my friend Tom on results day too. He’d recently been to the Punk festival Rebellion and with returning presented me with some of my very own ‘Punk Rock’. Yep, this was a stick of Blackpool rock that the punk band Goldblade had been selling with their logo on the front. It seriously was the best thing ever! :’)
Punk Rock. There is nothing more to say
Then I guess for the other few days I have been sorting out a lot of university stuff, registering, confirming and going out shopping for all the kitcheny things and bedding… It has been busy! Thankfully though, there are only a few more bits and bobs that need picking up and I think then it’ll just be a case of moving into my new house.
All that’s left is to add a bit of colour. Pink? Or Blue?
So that was me, and even with all of this going on, I’ve managed to draw this pretty picture! I don’t know who it is, at first I was trying to turn myself into an old school Disney character… I think it’s pretty cute.

Let me know what you make of it! I will be back up and blogging now so stay tuned.

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