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Blogmas: Day nineteen | Winter night in

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Before I went to uni I didn’t appreciate the small home comforts, but now, coming home is like coming back to a life of luxury. There’s soft carpet, clean work surfaces, cushions on comfy sofas and a bath (you can even stick posters on your walls without the worry of getting fined!) All of this adds to the excitement of breaking up and means that I can now start getting super cosy.

Today has been the perfect snug winter day and I’m going to continue this into the evening. Here’s what my perfect winter night in consists of…

1. Roses

Roses chocolate are the taste of Christmas. I never really have them at any other time of the year, so it’s always special to crack open a tub and share them with my family.

2. Baileys

Baileys is the ultimate Christmas drink. It’s so milky and warm and tasty that it goes perfectly with a cosy night in.

3. Dry roasted peanuts 

Just like Roses I only have these at Christmas and so are a yummy winter snack for me.

4. Box Sets

It’s great just to snuggle up in some cosy Pyjamas and back to back a box set all evening. At the moment I’m watching The Walking Dead, but previous years it has been Glee, 90210, Vikings, Breaking Bad, Dexter… All programmes I would definitely recommend.

5. A bubble bath

Nothing beats finishing a night off with a warm bubble bath, especially when you only have a shower at uni, I look forward to coming home to a bath sooo much!

All of these make up my perfect winter night in… throw on some comfy pjs, a dressing gown and maybe take a comic and hot chocolate to bed and you’re away. How do you spend your winter nights? Is there anything I’m missing to make mine even more cosy?


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My Canterbury Tale | The Beginning

Hello everyone, I’m currently writing with post-holiday blues as I have just returned home from spending a week discovering the historic landscape of Kent. My family and I stayed in the small town, Chatham (which is just outside Canterbury) in a gorgeous 18th century cottage. It was so tiny and idyllic and was situated in the perfect location as it was right next door to a little country pub with a train station just a five minute walk down the lane. Over the past few years we’ve stayed in many cottages around England and I can honestly say that this cottage is the most unique and beautiful one we’ve stayed in yet. With beamed ceilings and a huge open fire, it really was a stunning building, if not a little spooky at night!
My sister and I were staying in the attic which had slanted beamed roofs and an impressive chimney breast which was a statement piece on all three floors.
We were lucky with the weather too. We had rain for only two days of our trip, but when I say rain, it really did pour down. We got absolutely soaked one day in Canterbury so when returning to the cottage we lit the open fire and all four of us sat around it getting warm whilst playing quizzes and watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – a charming film which I recommend you should watch if you haven’t already.
Stay tuned over the next few days to see what we got up to on our jollies, let’s just say it involves, knights, Earl Warwick, two Kings of England and Batman… Quite an eclectic mix of things!

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