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Top Three Necklaces


I had been looking for one of these since I saw it wrapped around the Queen’s (Lights Bokan) neck. I couldn’t find one anywhere in the UK and trust me I searched high and low. I told my sister about this and when I next met up with her she gave me a little parcel dressed in beautiful butterfly tissue paper. I carefully opened it and this gorgeous piece of jewelry fell out onto my lap. I absolutely love it!


I got this piece at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A guy was selling loads of carved stones. I asked him what this one was, thinking it was an eagle of some sort, but he informed me it was a Viking Valkyrie which is kind of like a Spirit Guide for the female warriors. They’re there to watch over them in battle and if they die the Valkyrie makes sure they get to Valhalla. I thought this was a really cool concept and so decided to purchase it – hoping that she will too look after me.


This little guy is a boar. I kind of just liked him cause he is really cute, but he too also has some strange spiritual related meaning behind him too. Apparently boars represent courage and strength and are often spirit guardians – again, acting as protectors from the the other side. I quite like this idea, and I’ve always had a thing for finding pigs cute… So I couldn’t not pick him up! (I found him in Afflecks Palace -Manchester).

I hope you like my collection of necklaces. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite things are to wear around your neck.

Until next time x

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Another Shoe Post


Like I said in my previous post, I cannot stay away from black lace up boots at the minute, and well… You may be able to guess that I have purchased some more.

I’ve been wanting some creeper style boots for a while now. I think that the thick chunky soles look really cool and tend to elongate your legs (which is every girls dream!) So when I went on a shopping trip the other day my eyes were constantly searching for some boot styled creepers to add to my shoe collection.

I found some adorable shoes in Office and couldn’t leave them behind! I’ve had other pairs of shoes from Office before and I have to admit that they were the comfiest pair I’ve ever owned. So I knew that these would feel just the same.

They are super shiny and really comfy – on my first outing in them I went on an hours walk and my feet just managed to make it round which I think is pretty good going!

You do gain around two inches when wearing these shoes. As I am very tall already this was something I had to think about – I don’t want to wear them and break the 6 foot threshold (I am a little bit self conscious of my height) but they don’t seem to make you look too much taller and so I can get away with their soles – as long as I don’t have a growth spurt!

They are quite expensive as they’re not leather boots. But you do get what you pay for, and £60 is the average shoe price today anyway! I did umm and ahh a bit as they’re plastic, and plastic, however they were so pretty I couldn’t turn them down.

I am normally a size 7 however in these shoes I had to get a size 8 so I don’t know if they’re a smaller fitting, but definitely watch that!

If you’d like to get yourself a pair you can find them in the Office shops or online here. You can also get them in Ox Blood Red which are equally as gorgeous!


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Studio London Smudge & Line | Review

When I came to university, my friend bought me this gorgeous set of eyeliners as a leaving present. From fresher’s week onwards I don’t think there has been a night out where I haven’t used one of these pencils. Coming in five different colours, you get a range of adorable options of what shade to wear with your outfit.

There’s two different types of black, one is just a normal black pencil, and the other has little bits of glitter shining through. They are both absolutely stunning. I tend to use the ordinary black one in the day time and the glittery one for a night out. The glittery one seems to make your eyes sparkle and adds a great effect if you use it alongside black eyeshadow. Having a little bit of glitter there, I find, gives that extra something to your eyes – a kind of finishing touch to your face of make up.

The purple pencil is so subtle yet so pretty! I really love this one. It just seems to highlight your eyes in such a delicate way, making it great for everyday wear as it isn’t too noticeable, but gives an amazing effect.

The navy blue pencil is like the black. It adds the same effect but without that harsh edge. I must admit this is the one I wear the least, but it still gives a cute look when I do.

And finally the brown liner. This is my favourite out of the five. It gives such a natural look that you can wear it all of the time. I have a brown gel liner which I use on my top lid and this seems to compliment it so well. Not only that but it can also double up as an eyebrow pencil too!

All liners are extremely soft and so, with them having a a sponge at one end, makes them easy to smudge and blend with the rest of your make up. They are great quality , I’d recommend you check them out.. I believe you can get them in your nearest Superdrug store.

Do you have that one special eyeliner? Which brand is your favourite?


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Necklace | Om Mani Padme Hum

My favourite piece of Jewellery at the moment is this gorgeous necklace that was given to me by my parents a year ago.
It’s basically a piece of stone that has been carved and painted and put on black cord. On the front of the piece are the eyes of the Buddha and on the back is a Sanskrit mantra of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ which translates to ‘Oh praise to the jewel in the heart of the lotus’.
It’s believed that saying this mantra invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig – the embodiment of compassion. Even just looking at the written form of this mantra is supposed to be beneficial.

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