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Halloween Make-up Tutorial | Dead Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

What you need:
Eyeshadow – dark grey, light grey, white,
Black lipstick,
Fake Eyelashes,
First things first, begin by washing your face. Make sure it is totally make-up free and ready to go, then once clean, apply moisturiser. This will create a base coat for your make up and therefore will hopefully prevent your skin getting dry.
Once you have primed your face, take some foundation, I’m using Maybelline dream matt mousse, and put some under your eyes, on your eyelid, and anywhere else on your face that might be a little bit blotchy. Doing this will help the makeup stick and stay on for the majority of the night.
 Then take some white eye shadow and cover your whole face. I applied this with a brush as I found it gave a smoother effect. I used eye shadow instead of face paint as it gave a more translucent look, giving a greater ‘dead’ effect. It isn’t as heavy as face paint either and so I knew once removing I wouldn’t have damaged my skin.
The next step is the fun part. It’s all about the contours! Take grey eye shadow (I’m using a palette from Next) and with a brush add some darkened circles to your forehead, nose and chin, then follow the line of your check bones and in a circular motion shade in a triangular section under the check bone line that you have just created. This will give you a gaunt look, highlighting your facial features.
 Then take a darker shade of grey and go over where you’ve just been. This will create a harsher feel to your make up and will give your face more depth and shadowing. Make sure you go heavy on the top lid of your eyes with the darker grey!
To create a bruised effect, it’s best to take some purple eye shadow and put this under your eyes and up to your eyebrow. It’s all about blending it in with the dark grey. Imagine you’re going for a smokey eye effect and keep on blending until you’re happy with the look.
 Then apply some black eyeliner to your water and lower lash line. Also not forgetting to smudge some onto your upper lash line. Don’t worry if this doesn’t look perfect, it’s not supposed to be a polished look.
Normally I would just it on black lipstick and keep topping it up throughout the night, but Halloween is a special occasion and therefore, I decided to colour in my lips with black pencil eyeliner. I then went over the top with some chapstick which seemed to seal in the liner. I then covered this with black lip stick and to top it off, and give a matt feel to the look, I applied some black eye shadow on the top, I find that this helps keep it on throughout the night and gives your lips a fuller feel.

Finally to finish the look, apply some mascara to your upper and lower lashes, curl them, then place on some false eyelashes. I always find that false eyleshes tend to stick on more if you put on the glue, and wait around thirty seconds before sticking them on. This widens your eyes and makes the look a lot more girly and flattering… It adds that bit of life to the look.

After all of this, you now look dead beautiful. Throw on your outfit and then enter the night.


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Train Times | Live at Leeds

I caught the train to Leeds on my own the other weekend for the first time which was soo nerve racking but also so exciting! I’ve been on the train many times before and there’s always an automated voice that says where you’re coming up to and what stop you’re at so when boarding the train I wasn’t too worried that I’d miss my stop. However, I sat down, my suitcase besides me and I waited for the run down of places we would stop off at to come on over the speakers. I waited, and waited and the train set off. They didn’t say what stops we were approaching and what stops we were at.  I was terrified I’d miss Leeds!
It wasn’t until about half way round that the muffled voice of the conductor sounded telling everyone which stop we were at – which, thankfully, was before Leeds!
I made it and met my sister on the platform…
Live at Leeds
The rest of the weekend was less scary than the train as me and my sister set off to the festival Live at Leeds. It was amazing! The first band we saw were The Midnight Beast. I didn’t know what to expect from their performance, with seeing their TV show I thought it would just be three guys rapping on stage for an hour. But gee was I wrong. Yes it was three guys and yes they were rapping on stage, but they put on such a performance! There were dancing cats and dogs, confetti, costume changes and even ninjas; pretty impressive stuff especially for a 45 minute slot.
Then there were the Carnabells who had a 50s/60s rock’n’roll vibe going on. Chuck Berry, Elvis, that kinda thing could be heard through their riffs as a heavy influence; it even came out through their hair!
We found a couple of my sister’s uni mates and took off with them to see a band named Syd Arthur. They’ve apparently toured with the Pixies and are getting quite a fan base. They’re originally from Kent which wasn’t surprising to hear as they sound like one of these bands which have spawned from East London. They had a TOY, Horrors vibe going maybe with a bit of Charlie Boyer in there but they are definitely one to go and see.
Out of all the bands we saw there was one that stuck with me. The Scenes. I cannot explain how much talent this band had. How much charisma and confidence. They looked so young and yet they were amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off the lead singer; he had the facial expressions of Bowie and the moves of Jagger. They are what you’d call a band. They have soo much potential… don’t ever miss a chance to see them!
To round off an awesome day we saw King Charles who was as dandy as ever and even got to chat with him before his gig. Keep an eye out for our interview with him!!

Live at Leeds is something special. It’s not just the bands that make it but all the different venues that you go to. Walking from one to another, catching a glimpse of a gig and then heading off, exploring a new section of the city. It introduces you to a tonne of new music and a tonne of new people. All in all it was such a great weekend. 
He was so excited for this interview

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Scars | There’s Beauty behind the Beast

It’s not like me to open up to the world about this. But if I help at least one person then I guess it’s worth it, right?

When I was born I suffered from Fallot’s Tetralogy which in simpler terms means I was born with a hole in my heart. No one really knows why this happens and people have holes in their hearts without even realising, but I guess mine was more of a serious case. Not only was there a hole, but one of my arteries was quite small which meant my heart was finding it hard to pump blood around my body at the right speed. This means the left side of my heart was working wayyy too hard making the muscle bigger than it should have been.

To cut a long story short, at the age of two I had to have an operation to fix my heart (I was too small to operate on when I was born!)

Luckily everything went amazingly well and I am healthy and fit and loving life. However, having major surgery like this leaves you with scars – scars on the surface for everyone to see, but also emotional scars too. I know I was only two years old, but it still gets me to think of what my family and myself must have been through. To live through such a time and tell the story is a miracle and you have to look at the positives when facing a situation like this.

I’m not going to lie. Having scars from surgery does get me down from time to time. I have two main scars. One that runs from the top of my chest all the way down to the bottom of my rib cage and another that runs from under my arm onto my back. The one under my arm isn’t so bad, you can hide it with a T-shirt. However, the one on my chest is always on display. Because I’ve lived with it for 16 years, I tend to forget about it on a day to day basis, but when coming up to an event or planning an outfit to go out I always take into consideration having a scar.

When it was my prom I was terrified of showing my scar. People will have seen it every day and wouldn’t have even taken a second look, but I was so self conscious and to me it was a pretty big thing. I felt different and angry, as though life wasn’t fair. I wanted to look pretty, but how could I look pretty when I was baring scars? In the evening of prom I was conscious of my scar and it did taint my night. From that point on I swore to myself not to let it get in the way and instead of getting down about my scars, I should embrace them. I mean they are beautiful really, without them I wouldn’t be here today.

As cheesy as it sounds, I feel as though they have made me who I am. I grab every opportunity in life and thrive off every day as I’m so thankful just to be living and seeing each sunrise. I’ve decided to wear what I want instead of trying to cover up my scars because if people are going to see it, they’re more likely to be concerned rather than judge.

I’m not saying that I’ve not experienced comments on it before. Even recently my friend’s boyfriend took one look and said ‘’eww what is that?’’, but surely that just shows his true colours and ignorance to the situation rather than putting down the way I look.

I’ve also had my appendix out which has left scars. Thankfully these are just little keyhole ones but they’re still scars none the less. My torso is practically covered! I also have around six scars dotted nicely on my chest where drains from my heart surgery used to be. I try and tell myself that they don’t affect me, but they still do a little bit, as this summer I don’t think I’ll be wearing any crop tops!

However, I may make it my aim to.

Overcoming the fear of what others may think and say is a big thing, and I hope that I’m almost there.  Yes, I will get down about them, but I think this is only natural.

I believe that you have to be proud of who you are and embrace the fact that you’re still here today, living and breathing and enjoying this wonderful world.

If you’re down about scars and want to talk to someone who is going through the same thing then drop me an email, but throughout this ramble, my message really is to just accept who you are and don’t get down from something that has made your life so much better.

At the end of the day your scars are part of you. They add to your body and tell a story. They represent the wars that you have been through and you should wear them like medals.

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