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Hoghton Tower | It smells like Autumn

It has been a chilly day, and the air has smelt like autumn. The seasons are definitely changing. I love autumn, I think it must be my favourite season. I know summer is hot, but when you live in the UK the heat is a hit and miss thing anyway. But autumn is lovely! The rich colours, the crunchy leaves under your feet and the crisp morning air. Not to mention the clothes you get to wear! I’m a huge sucker for the scarf and hat look. When you can get all togged up, put on your gloves and coat, drink hot soup and feel looked after. It definitely is a cosy season.
So with it being on the tail end of summer my family and I decided to make the most of the sun and head over to Hoghton Tower. We didn’t know it existed until we saw it the other day on a television program and what a little gem it is! With it only being around half an hour away from where we live it was the perfect day trip out.
We managed to catch the first guided tour and they took us all around the house, even showing us the underground passageways. It was really interesting. There were rooms where The Duke of Cambridge had stayed, places where Last Tango in Halifax was filmed and the bed that David Tennant used in the recent film Casanova. King James I had even visited. The walled gardens of the house were beautiful  and with it being the third most haunted house in Britain it was really up my street (because of my recent obsession with the American series Ghost Adventures, but that’s another story!).

 Here are a few photos of the day, don’t mind my outfit! It was jumper, coat and turtle-neck weather (definitely the change of seasons).  

My familyyyy

Me and my Mummyy!!

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