Blogmas: Day sixteen | The Sound of Music

I haven’t done an actual update in a while and I thought today was the perfect chance to.

It has been my last official day of university before breaking up for Christmas and what a lovely day it has been. It started off with a really laid back lecture (which feels ages ago now) where we were told how to construct our essay. All boring stuff, but very important! Then me and some friends went to Pret for lunch as a breaking up treat. I’ve only ever been there once before and it is soooo yummy! I got a tuna and cucumber sandwich and a hot chocolate and felt super Christmasy. We chilled there for a while then caught the bus back to where I PACKED FOR GOING HOME!

Yeeees, I am going home for Christmas tomorrow and I cannot wait! Only one more sleep now until I am reunited with the Gillibrands and I can feel all cosy and snug and festive and can relax for a short amount of time.


But to finish 2015 at uni, me and my friend Issy went to see a performance of The Sound of Music at the Lowry in Salford. The show was amazing and the evening led to many funny and surreal moments.

First thing, the show started, the music began playing, the crowd fell silent and a woman behind me shouted out, “Are we seeing Mary Poppins”. Well that was it… I couldn’t look at Issy, we were both in stitches. The man to the other side to me replied: “You’ve come to see the wrong show, love!” – It’s probably a have to be there moment, but take my word for it… It was hilarious.

We had press passes for the show as Issy was reviewing it and were invited to the VIP section in the interval. Being curious we wandered around the Lowry until we found it and were greeted with free wine. FREE WINE… yes as students we could not say no, I mean… would you? We walked into the room and it was full of important looking people. I felt like a duck out of water, and completely in the wrong place, but also quite prestigious. Kieth Chegwin was stood next to us, it was really quite surreal. Sipping our wine, we tried to look professional, however this impression was completely destroyed when we were ushered back to our seats. In a midst of panic, and on a pretty empty stomach, me and Issy downed the glass of wine – of course, it would be rude to leave any – then we hurried on back to our seats.

The rest of the performance was really special and I may have shed a little tear at the end.

The Sound of Music has always been a Christmasy type film for me, as it was always what they would used to play in my High School music lessons on the run up to Christmas. So watching it tonight got me feeling as though I was back at that age of 13 counting down the days til I broke up.

It has been a really lovely day, and as much as I will miss my friends at uni over Christmas, I cannot wait to see and hug my mum and dad tomorrow.

Goodnight friends! Sweet dreams x

(I think I made this post just before the midnight mark!)


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  1. i love the theatre! have you seen wicked?x

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