Blogmas: Day fourteen | Christmas Pyjamas

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Everyone needs a pair of these, Christmas or not Christmas. They’re the cosiest of things and one of the best purchases I have made for the winter.

They’re from Primark and were around the £10 mark which I think is pretty good for a pair of pyjamas.

Being tall I always struggled when buying Pjs as they are never long enough, or when they get to the right length, they are miles too big around the waist. So I tend to wear shorts quite a lot, or cut offs… but this just isn’t warm enough in the winter!

So when I found these I was very sceptical. However, when holding them out I was very surprised with their length! They seemed to be JUST about long enough, and when I say just, I mean just. But what is so great about them is that they have a cuffed hem and so it doesn’t really matter whether or not they are a couple of centimeters off the right length – it is kind of a disguise.

But I couldn’t leave them behind. They feel absolutely amazing, and super soft. I think they are called ‘Snuggle Pyjamas’ and they are exactly that. If you’re looking for instant heat then these are definitely what you need.

Also, I think the designs are super cute. There were numerous Christmas ones, but I chose these because they look as though you’re going to bed in a fluffy Christmas Jumper – which is just adorable.

If you’re looking to get someone a last minute Christmas present, these would make a really lovely gift too.

Honestly, there’s not really a bad word I can say on them… The only thing is that you might have to buy two pairs for when one is in the wash!

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