Blogmas: Day thirteen | My Christmas pet hates


Yesterday I posted ten things I love about Christmas so today I thought I’d post five of my Christmas pet hates (it’s only five because to be honest, I love Christmas and can’t find that much I hate about it!)

1. Shopping for presents

Getting gifts can be really fun, however when you can’t think of what to get for the person it is absolutely terrible, and you feel like such a bad person!

2. Writing Christmas cards

This can be such a drag, especially if you have quite a lot of people to write them for. It takes up a lot of time and money (cards are super expensive!) for something that is essentially just going to end up in the bin. Aside from that… there’s always that one person you forget to write a card to, and feel dreadful for it!

3. The crowds

I hate going shopping at Christmas time. Especially in Manchester. Because of it being a city and having the Christmas Markets everywhere is so packed and busy that it is really hard to get from A to B. You can’t just go for a laid back Sunday shop. These do not exist at Christmas time!

4. Glitter

Glitter is great on cards and on decorations, but it’s that tiny glitter that is annoying. The one that seems to get everywhere. You find it in your socks, on your hands, on your desk at uni/work. And even after Christmas and New Year it still seems to haunt you.

5. January deadlines

Something that every student can relate to. The stress of January deadlines and exams. I don’t know who the scrooge was for putting exams right after Christmas, but it taints the holidays and when you’re celebrating or trying to relax over the Christmas period, you always have the thought of revision or work in the back of your mind.

These are my pet hates about Christmas. They’re not that bad and really nothing to be complaining about (except for number five) but I thought I would share them with you anyway! What do you dread when it comes to Christmas? Please let me know in the comments below!

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