Blogmas: Day nine | Snowball Cocktail, Wonder Woman style

For me a Snowball is the ultimate Christmas cocktail. My parents are pros at making them so I got them to show me how to make my own when I went home the other weekend. Here are five easy steps on how to make your own Snowball.

What you will need:






Cocktail Sticks


Wonder Woman glass (Wonder Woman not optional)


Step 1:


Pour the lime juice up to the start of Wonder Woman’s whip. Yeeees, I am sorry but the measurements are going to be in Wonder Woman as I don’t know any other way!

Step 2:


Fill up the glass with Advocaat to Wonder Woman’s knees. (Wonder Woman measurements are now done!)

Step 3:


Take the lemonade and fill the glass to the brim – watch out, it does tend to bubble up a little bit!

Step 4: 


This is the most important part of making the cocktail. Grab a whisk (or a spoon) and stir the mixture together. Again, expect bubbles!!

Step 5:


Put some cherries on a cocktail stick and pop them on top of the glass.

And voila! Your very own Snowball cocktail.


I hope you enjoyed this post. If you recreated the cocktail I would love to know how it went and if you liked it. Tell me in the comments below what your favourite Christmas drink is.

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