Blogmas: Day seven | My Christmas traditions


Christmas has been slightly different for me over the past few years, however this year we are back to how it was in the good old days and I cannot wait – the only exception is that my sister wont be here for new year as she is in Leeds, which is quite heartbreaking.

Christmas is a very special time for me and has become even more special since going to uni. It is all about family, eating good food and spending time with loved ones. To me, nothing can ever beat that.

We celebrate a lot throughout the season. Christmas Eve, my parents put on a party where my family come round in the afternoon. There are goodies out on the table and we play a few games. We exchange gifts with my aunty and grandma (as we don’t get to see them on Christmas day) and we all just get into the festive mood. Then at around 7 o’ clock everyone leaves. This started off as a way to give me and my sister time to get into bed nice and early so that Santa could come and deliver presents. Even though we know the ‘big secret’ now, we still leave out some goodies for Santa and his reindeer and still get and early(-ish) night, so we’re asleep when he arrives.

Then Christmas day we used to wake my mum and dad up really early, but now its them who wake us up! We open our stocking presents in our bedroom and make our way downstairs to the living room, all snuggled up in our pjs. Me, my dad, my mum and my sister all gather round and open the gifts under the Christmas tree. We then phone up my aunty and my grandma, have some breakfast and head on out to my Nana and Grandad’s house. When you walk in it smells amazing and is super cosy. With my nana’s home made mince pies, the dinner nicely cooking and all of the decorations my nana has made, you cannot get any more homely or christmasy. It is so lovely. Again, we exchange gifts, nom on all of the mince pies, indulge in the most tasty Christmas dinner, and then sit and chill all night feeling extremely full watching all of the Christmas TV programmes. It has to be my favourite day of the year!

Boxing day is my Dad’s birthday! So we always go out for a meal and kind of re-do Christmas day but with my aunty and grandma. We eat so much food, play a few party games and see my dad’s old cricket friend, Bruce, who comes out once a year on Boxing Day wearing a fabulous Christmas jumper (which I always envy).

Then the celebrations kind of die down until New Year’s Eve where we either go to my Auntys or stay in at home, but someone always puts on a party for our family and friends to gather. New Year’s Eve means a lot to me. It’s a time where you look back on the year and look forward to the future. I feel like over the past couple of months my family have been through quite a lot, and it was the same last year. Auld Lang Syne is quite emotional. I find myself distant from singing the song, but tend to just look around at my family and think about how lucky I am to be born into such and amazing and loving unit. I cherish every New Year’s Eve as you don’t know what the next year will bring.  It will be weird this year not having my sister there… But nothing stays the same forever.


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  1. I love reading about everyone’s holiday traditions. wishing you the best this year!

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