Vintage and Collars


I visited my sister in Leeds at the weekend and in true Gillibrand sister style, we decided to do some vintage shopping. I wasn’t really searching for anything in particular, though if something caught my eye I wasn’t going to say no.

We went into a little church that was putting on one of those £15 per Kilo vintage fair. I was rummaging around and after finding a gorgeous red checkered coat and a slouchy blue shirt I came across this knitted piece. I’ve never really seen anything like it before, but it is really gorgeous. It’s kind of like a short sleeved crocheted jumper in the colours of beige, purple and yellow. The shoulders are slightly gathered which gives them that 80s poof-y look. I had no idea what to wear it with but it was so comfy and cosy that I instantly fell in love and couldn’t leave it behind.

Since returning back to Manchester, I have been routing through my cupboard to see what I could pair it with and decided that it looks really good with an off white shirt underneath.

I have been absolutely loving this look recently. Wearing something knitted with a little shirt collar poking out – I just think it looks adorable. I feel like this winter, my style is going to be all about layering. You can’t really go wrong with throwing on a shirt, jumper and scarf. It looks awesome and it’s extra toasty at the same time!

Let me know what you think of my vintage find. I’d love to hear your thoughts x

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