Three ways to rock a Suede Skirt

I have never really known what I’ve thought of these types of skirt. I love how they’re so retro and really give off a 70s vibe, but when I’ve seen them in the shops, I’ve never dared to try one on just because I’ve always thought they would be unflattering. Anyway! This weekend I went on a girly shopping spree around Leeds with my sister. As a joke, I thought I would put one of these skirts on just to see what it actually looked like. I was really shocked! It was a lor more flattering than I thought it would be. Because it is A Line it really brings you in at the waist and so, for me, doesn’t draw attention to my hips! I thought it was dead funky and so decided that I had to get it – especially with it being real suede and half price!

My next problem was what to wear with it. I’m not used to having lighter bottoms than the top part of my outfit, or anything fleshy coloured, so I’ve raided my wardrobe tonight and pulled out three looks to go on top that you can throw on with the skirt.


Wear it with a black jumper teamed with a cute little white shirt underneath and some knee high black socks. I know this is very school girl, but I just think it works and makes a really cool (and warm!) looking outfit.


Here I’ve put it with a vintage, over sized shirt. I just think that the colours go so well and with the shirt being slouchy it looks ultra comfy yet very stylish.


As it is coming up to winter, some thick tights, Docs and a long, cosy scarf really really go well with the skirt. The shirt gives the outfit a smart look yet it is made a lot more casual with the big boots – who knows, maybe throw on a bobble hat too!

So there you have it, just some ways that I will most definitely be dressing this skirt. Let me know what you think of these outfits and show me what you put with your suede skirt too!

You can purchase the skirt from Miss Selfridge here.

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