TopShop Grid Check Scarf | Review

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I have been needing a scarf for such a while now. Last year I was obsessed with snoods. Don’t get me wrong, they are super cuddley and really warm and I definitely will be wearing them this winter, but I just wanted something that wasn’t attached at both ends. Something you can just throw on and wrap around your neck.

With snoods, I think that sometimes you can’t get them as close to your neck as you can with a scarf as they seem to drape and hang lower. I find them not to be as warm as scarves and I really wanted to be snugged up this winter. So today was the day that I purchased myself a scarf!

I’ve seen tartan scarves quite a lot, and think they look really smart and go with pretty much everything. I wanted something rustic, that involved a lot of colours that I wear and TopShop did the perfect one.

This scarf is super cozy and super warm. It is 100% acrylic which is a life saver for me as anything woolen itches and irritates my skin so bad, especially if I get warm! So this being acrylic means I can wear it all of the time without having to worry about getting all scratchy.

I absolutely adore this scarf and will be wearing it on the next chilly day! (So probably tomorrow – haha).

You can find the scarf online at TopShop here, or in stores.



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7 responses to “TopShop Grid Check Scarf | Review

  1. that looks so warm! i love it!

    check out my outfit & share thoughts too? 🙂 thx!

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  2. Love the colors on this one! really pretty… enjoy it!



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  3. Are snoods infinity scarves?

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