Pocket Alien | Tee and Cake

Tee and Cake is such an adorable concept. For those of you unaware, when you buy a Tee and Cake TShirt, you also receive a recipe for a cake in the tag. I have yet to bake one of these cakes but I just think it is such a good idea.

I first discovered Tee and Cake when I bought one of their NASA TShirts. I reviewed this quite some time ago, I absolutely love it and still wear it all of the time! (Here’s the picture from my previous review!)


So now, whenever I go into TopShop, I always delve into the Tee and Cake section and riffle through the new designs to see what they have brought out. Recently I found this really cute Pocket Alien design. My sister had sent it to me over Facebook and told me I should get it. As soon as I saw it I fell in love and had to go out and sniff it out. Thrown in with pizzas poking out of pockets and doughnut designs, this one really did stand out among them all.


I love how his head is just sticking out over the top of the pocket and he is holding a peace sign (very stereotypical but extremely adorable too!)

I don’t know when the design first came out, but I do believe you can still get it in store or online here.

The TShirts themselves are ultra soft and really comfy. They have that sort of crisp and clean look – very bright white. They always seem to be original  and more quirky than your average designs. I love how they have every detail down to a T, even folding up the sleeves just gives them that extra edge.

I would definitely recommend Tee and Cake if you ever want something a little bit different.


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