Topshop Raincoat | Review

I have indulged a little bit too much on new clothes and shoes this summer. I wanted a whole new wardrobe revamp and I think that I’m eventually getting somewhere.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to purchase a raincoat of some sort. It’s hard to predict what the weather is going to do and even when it’s raining at the moment it’s still quite warm. So a raincoat seemed to be the perfect fit for the climate!

I’ve been keeping my eyes out for a yellow Mackintosh style coat and haven’t been able to find one anywhere! The ones online seem to be really high priced and with it being quite bold, I didn’t want to order something that expensive when I couldn’t try it on. So I’ve been building my wardrobe up waiting for a yellow raincoat to pop up in stores.

Then the other day I was shopping with my mum and there it was in the window of TopShop. THE coat. I quickly went inside to snatch one up and among the few that were left there was one in my size.



It is great. With being quite tall I find that TopShop coats are never long enough in the sleeve. But with this raincoat it has the option to roll the sleeves up so that they’re three quarter length as it is lined with this really cute blue gingham style fabric, making it a perfect fit!

I wore it all around my Scotland holiday and found out that it keeps the rain out amazingly.

If you’re looking for something bright, bold and beautiful, this is definitely the coat for you.



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