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I don’t know how long you have been reading my blog for, but a very long time ago – way before I started getting into beauty and fashion reviews, I mentioned that I might start writing a graphic novel.

You see I have had this story in my head since I was in year eight – so around seven years now. Nothing has ever come of it, I guess the story has only really existed in my mind, and whoever I have told. But I have had seven years to mull over characters and watch this idea grow into something that I can no longer keep to myself.

I took a trip the other weekend to Leeds to see my sister, and I told her that I was thinking about turning this idea into an actual book. I did consider a graphic novel, but I can’t draw as well as I’d want the pictures to look, so my only other option is to turn it into an actual novel.

My sister said it was a good idea and introduced me to the site Nanowrimo, which basically helps you write a novel in a month. The month they’ve chosen is November and to be honest, I don’t think I could wait that long to get started.

When reading up on this site it makes writing a novel in a short time look achievable. To get your story officially classed as a short novel it needs to be between 50,000 – 60,000 words.

At first glance this looks impossible. But I’ve broken it down to writing 1,000 words a day and then in two months time hopefully I will have a first draft!

The thought of this is so exciting and so even with all of my exams going on and deadlines creeping up, I have decided to start writing and see what happens.

I’m currently on 4000 words which for me is an achievement just to start putting pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keys.)

I’m looking forward to seeing where this thing ends up and hopefully by the end of the summer I might actually be able to say I’ve written a novel!

Until then I will keep you updated throughout this journey.

Wish me luck.


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2 responses to “Plans | Writing a novel

  1. Good luck on writing your first book! Something to keep in mind: if you want to participate in NaNoWriMo but you don’t want to wait until November, the organization also has a Camp NaNoWriMo that runs in April and July. It’s the same principle, only it’s not limited to a 50,000 word minimum. That might be an option for you, if you’re interested.

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