Three Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

All my life I have been so lucky with my weight. I’ve never had to work out or diet to maintain my shape. However, since coming to university, I have noticed that this invisible power of mine seems to be wearing thin.

I was shocked after finding out I had put on a couple of pounds and had started to notice a bit of a pot belly forming before Christmas. Luckily it hasn’t got to a stage where I’m bursting out of my jeans YET, but I have noticed them feeling a little bit tight over the past week.

Because of this I decided I needed to do something about it before it gets out of my control.

The first step in my new healthy lifestyle was to hide away any temptations.

This meant all of the chocolate, sweets and any goodies I could find were all placed in a box under my bed and shoved right to the back corner.  Yes, I have created a monster under my bed, and sometimes it is hard to resist climbing over a load of shoes to the box of temptations. But I find that my will power is strong, and I’ve only delved in there when desperate measures called (like having a lack of running water for two days, or having to write a stressful essay).

I no longer demolish a packet of biscuits in one sitting and I have replaced my chocolate cereal with Special Kay Red Berries – which is very refreshing in the morning.

With every meal I make sure I drink a glass of water which is supposed to fill you up that little bit more, without any weight gain, meaning that you eat less and take in less calories. I also have a bag of dried fruits and a bowl of apples next to my laptop so when I get hungry I eat something healthy instead of devouring a salty bag of tortilla chips.

 I am not calorie counting or going on any diet as such, I’m just starting to cut out the rubbish and eat as healthy as I can with being on a student loan.

 The second step I’ve taken is to join the university gym

Eating healthy is all well and good, but I find myself still putting excess sugars into my body that I need to get on top of. So hopefully by joining the gym I will be able to get my body into shape for summer and burn off the belly.

I’ve started to get up at 9 every morning and leave my house for the gym at half past. My lectures have fallen well for me this semester as there are no early starts – the earliest lecture is 1pm. So hitting the gym at 9.30 is ace as it means the majority of people will be in their lecture or will be asleep, meaning I get pretty much free reign over the equipment.

I do half an hour on the treadmill, fifteen minutes on the cross trainer and fifteen minutes on the bicycles. However that’s just a rough guide, and sometimes I might do a whole hour on the treadmill, it just depends on how I’m feeling on the day.

I find that this is a great way to start the day. Not only do you feel happy with yourself as you’ve done an hour of vigorous exercise, but apparently running releases endorphins in your brain which puts you in a positive mood. It may not feel like it, but running puts you in a better mood.

I find that waking up early for the gym is beginning to sort my sleeping pattern out too. Because I’m now an early riser, I find myself getting tired in the evening and so falling asleep is less of a challenge. This is a huge help with trying to lose a bit of weight too as your body needs at least 8 hours sleep to help rejuvenate your body over night so it is refreshed and functions properly the next day.

The third and final step I have taken is investing in Green Tea.

I have done quite a bit of research into green tea and it seems to be one of the best things you can have if you’re trying to create a healthier life style for yourself.

Not only does green tea hydrate you, but it speeds up your metabolism meaning that when working out or even just going for a walk, you are burning off more calories than you would without it.

It also helps your digestive system helping you process food and cuts down water retention in your body so you get less of a bloated look in the evening.

I would really suggest you incorporate green tea into your routine, even if it is just one glass a day.

These are just a few changes that I have made to my lifestyle to hopefully lose a bit of weight and feel less sluggish. I will let you know how I get on and I hope this helps you if you’re also planning on being that little bit more healthy.


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4 responses to “Three Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds good Abbie will try and drink some of my green tea that I hide at the back of the cupboard One a day surely wont kill me if I hold my nose when drinking it …will try I promise xx

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  2. Anonymous

    Sorry Abbie it was Val Cella not anonymous just rubbish on the computer x

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  3. All good tips, I love green tea. I had to stop buying the chocolate as I couldn’t resist it!


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