Clinique 3-Step Skin Care | Review


For Christmas I was so lucky to get this 3-Step skin care set as a present. I was really excited to start using them!

I’d tried a few Clinique products before when my mum had gotten freebies, and they’re just so lovely.

All three of these products have been dermatology tested and all are fragrance free. So far they haven’t irritated my skin in any way which is absolutely awesome. In fact since starting to use these products, my skin feels and looks the best it has done in a long time.

Step-1 Liquid Facial Soap Mild

20150223_203237 (2)

I must admit this is a little sticky and has a bit of a gel like substance when if first comes out of the tube. But as a soap substitute it does the job amazingly. It seems to effortlessly take off my make up without me having to scrub away at my face leaving an overall fresh look.

Step-2 Rinse off Foaming Cleanser Mousse

20150223_203312 (2)

I think this is my favourite stage of the three. Aesthetically this foam looks gorgeous. When it comes out it almost has a pearl like look to it which is so pretty. It cleans my pores and even though it doesn’t claim to exfoliate, it leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth and hydrated. However, after these two steps my skin can sometimes feel  a little bit dry as they literally remove all of the grease and make-up from my face – which is why Step-3 is so good.

Step-3 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

20150223_203328 (2)

This gives such a great finish. Applying this moisturizer after steps 1 and 2 leaves my face feeling so soft and silky smooth. The moisturizer itself is really thin and spreads easily and evenly over my skin. It seems to sink in quite quickly and doesn’t leave me with that greasy feel like some moisturizers do.

I am so impressed with this set. Not only does it make my face feel amazing, it seems to be clearing up my skin as well. I know Clinique is quite pricey and I definitely wouldn’t have been lucky enough to try out these products if it wasn’t for them being a gift. But if you have the time and money for this 3-step Skin Care then I would most certainly recommend that you try it out. Hopefully these bottles will last me a long time as you don’t need to use much of them when cleaning your face. However, when they do eventually run out I might have to save my pennies and purchase them again. It is such a beautiful set.


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