Good intentions | No water?


I am so sorry I didn’t post this up earlier, but here at university we are faced with a water crisis.

Last night I decided that Monday was the beginning of a new week and so I said goodbye to my rubbish lazy lifestyle, finished my tub of Heroes chocolate and told myself that I would begin to eat healthier and be more active.

No, I am not going on a diet, I’m just not eating all of the unnecessary chocolate bars that I seem to get through when watching Gossip Girl or Pretty Little liars.

This all came around when I started to put on a bit of a pot belly. I’ve been lucky all of my life with having a high metabolism so I’ve never really had to watch what I’ve eaten. However, starting university has been a hugggee eye opener. I have become very lazy in my ways – catching a bus for a five minute walk, waking up at 2pm, watching movies and eating a lot of junk food. I am not liking the effects.

I’ve found that when I’m bored I tend to eat whatever food is lying around in my room. This can go from a handful of sweets to a whole packet of biscuits in one sitting. I am extremely ashamed of this. So instead of leaving biscuits around, I have replaced these with grapes, oranges and a bag of Brazil nuts so that when I get bored and have the munches, I’m not putting a load of rubbish into my body.

Apparently herbal tea is supposed to be really good for you as well, so I was going to start drinking the old Redbush tea again instead of all those fizzy drinks that get me through essay writing, hoping that it makes me feel healthier and less sluggish.

On top of this, I have made a pact with myself that if it is a sunny day and I am fit to walk to my lectures, then I shall. I’m no longer going to take the bus when it is decent weather and my lecture is literally around the block.

My plan was to detox my system this week by drinking two litres of water a day. This is literally only like four small water bottles which seems extremely possible (I think you’re meant to drink about six but that’s just crazy!) By doing this your skin is supposed to improve, it helps your digestive system and your body no longer retains water as it is getting the sufficient amount that it needs – meaning no more bloating and no more pot belly!

I made these plans with the best intentions, I promise you I really did!

However, today I get woken up to the cleaning ladies banging on my door. I went to see what they wanted and they informed me that a pipe had burst and so all of the water had been turned off.

I didn’t actually think about the whole meaning of this at the time, and just snuggled back into my bed. But when I woke again, I realised that this meant a lot of faffing around was about to happen.

No water means no shower, no washing up, no toilet and no taps. This is actually one of the worst things that could possibly happen when you’re living at university.

Then I had another realisation no water means no detox, no water means no boiling eggs for a healthier diet. No water means no Redbush tea. My plans were completely thrown out of the window at this point.

The staff, bless them, are really trying their best and are providing us with bottled water, but it’s cold and isn’t the same as a nice hot running shower. So every time we need a shower, or the toilet, or to do simple things like brush our teeth, wash our face, we have to trek to the gym (which is highly inconvenient).

Anyway, that is beside the point.

The point to all of this is that I can’t start my new regime which has made me kind of sad as I was feeling really good about this. Andin the meantime, I’ve had a Domino’s pizza, cola and chocolate as that is all I’ve been able to cook due to not having any dishes washed up!

It really has been a disaster of a day, but here it is in writing, as soon as the water gets turned back on (and pray to God it turns on tonight) I will begin this new healthy lifestyle and keep you all informed about how it treats me.

The good intentions are still there.

You really don’t appreciate the things you take for granted until they’re gone.

Here’s to clean running water!

Have a drink for me x


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  1. Hope they get your water up and running soon!!

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