Blog Update | Mondays and Fridays


Things have been a little bit crazy lately. I have had a load of deadlines to meet, a few shopping trips here and there, a quick visit home and a winter cold to shake. I must admit, I have let my blog slip a little bit. But hopefully, after this weekend and after writing this essay, I will be back on my feet again and with a bit of luck, I’ll find some spare time to get back doing what I love, writing some posts and reviewing some products.

I thought I would get some structure to my blog, as at the moment I’m posting here there and everywhere but there is no kind of order. So to become organised from next week onwards (do forgive me from time to time) my plan is to post every Monday and every Friday which will give you some pleasurable reading to begin and end your week with.

The theme of my blog will always be beauty and fashion but do expect to see some lifestyle posts in here too, especially around Christmas and New Year! I think I made the right decision when I chose to move from Blogger to WordPress and thank you for staying with me during this transition. If you’re a new follower then hello! I hope you enjoy reading my posts and are finding them helpful.

If there’s a certain post you’d like to see or a certain topic you’d like me to write about, don’t hesitate to contact me or upload a comment below.

I look forward to these new arrangements and getting back blogging on a regular basis!

Until Monday x


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2 responses to “Blog Update | Mondays and Fridays

  1. Good luck with your blog organization ! I am hosting a giveaway on my blog check it out when you have time

    I will be for sure reading your upcoming posts!



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