Daenerys Targaryen GOT inspired look | 10 Step Tutorial

Daenerys Targaryen is one of my favourite characters in Game of Thrones which is why I was inspired to try out her make up and create this tutorial. The look portrays the character really well. It is harsh and quite heavy showing her strong powerful female role, but at the same time, the colours used are soft and warm which shows the other loving side to Daenerys. I think the finished look is so pretty, I hope you’re inspired to try out this look too!

Start by priming your face, I used my Matte Mousse and some moisturiser in order to create a flawless, pimple free look. It’s hard not to notice how perfect Daenerys skin looks in all of her shots. Next I took my black Studio London eye pencil and coloured in my waterlines and highlighted my top lash line in order to give a severe and statement feel. I have enhance Daenerys’ make up  a little, just to give it a more stand out overall look.

Within Game of Thrones very matt and rustic colours are used which made me pick a dark brown eyeshadow. Here I shaded in the whole of my top lid, making sure I went underneath my eye a little too to highlight my lower lash line. This look is all about blending and so I took a lighter brown and dabbed this in the inner corner of my eye, blending outwards with a Chilli Pepper blending brush. This creates a smokey eye and with there being layers, adds dimension.

Daenerys has quite a round face but in some shots her cheekbones are highlighted. To do this I just took a matt bronzer and went along my cheekbone line. With the same colour I took a smaller brush and put this in the crease of my top eye lid again adding to the looks dimension. With the same chilli pepper brush I used earlier, I blended all three eye shadows together. Then taking some cream eye shadow, I dabbed this right under my eyebrows just to add a a bit of highlights to my eyes.

With all of this eye shadow on, my eyeliner was beginning to fade, so to make my eyes pop even more, I went over the liner with some black gel liner which I think, creates the look. Then to add the final touch to the eyes, I put on some black mascara. Daenerys makeup is quite natural so I decided to go against false eyelashes.

To me Daenerys’ eyebrows are one of the main features of her look. With her hair being so pale and her eyebrows being dark they frame her face and tend to really stand out. I took some brown gel eyeliner to create the eyebrow look and just followed my natural line, bringing them down my face a little bit more than they usually would and squaring them off.

I then put on some dark brown lipstick and went over this with lipgloss just to enhance the look.

And there we have it, The Mother of Dragons in ten steps (Just still searching for my Khal Drogo!). It’s quite an easy look to pull off as the eye shadows and bronzer is subtle. I absolutely love this look and think that even though it is Daenerys, it can still be worn for going out, or even day to day use if toned down a little.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know what you make of it and if you’d like to see more! x

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