Live Review: Communion New Faces Tour – Manchester


Communion New Faces Tour

Soup Kitchen, Manchester 8th November

Words: Abigail Gillibrand

Communion’s New Faces tour hit Manchester’s Soup Kitchen presenting four artists which I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more from. The venue itself was perfectly chosen for the night. It had that dirty grunge atmosphere, being underground with paint flaking off the walls and loose wires hanging from the ceiling, it made you feel as though you were in an abandoned basement – an ideal setting for a scene from Saw. But it was the size and intimacy of the venue which made the night so special. With it being so small it was as though you were selected with a handful of other people to watch the performance. Standing in the centre of the crowd made it seem like they were singing to you and you alone.

Photo: Abbie Jennings Photo: Abbie Jennings

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