Purchase of the week | Primark

I can’t remember how long I’ve wanted a leather look jacket, but it has been for quite some time now and I feel as though I have forever been searching for the perfect one. It has to be a bomber. I’ve not really taken the the biker look … I think the zip straight up the front on a bomber is a lot more practical. It has to come in around the waist and the sleeves and I didn’t want it to have a hood. To me, this idea was the ultimate jacket. I didn’t realise how long it would take to find one! I must admit though, I was picky with the price. Begin a student I’ve been saving up my pennies for when I take that leap to university. Sure there was the ideal leather jacket online, but I wasn’t willing to pay over £80 odd for it, especially for leather look – I may as well have gone the extra mile to get a real leather jacket!

However, this search wont be taking over my shopping sprees any more. At the weekend I happened to stumble across the perfect leather look jacket in the men’s section of Primark. 

Not only did it have everything I’d wanted it to (no hood, tight sleeves, zip up the centre), it was so cheap!
There was about six of them, all XS and all reduced!
From £23 they were now down to £10, I mean, I couldn’t say no. It was as though they’d put them out especially for me. With it being so cheap I am a little bit worried that it might go all crinkly and get a cracked look to it. But we will have to see what happens and I guess for only £10 I can’t complain.
Lets hope it sees me through ‘til the end of the summer.

Have you had any deals recently? …. 

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