Remember me?

Remember me? I am back after quite a stressful start to 2014.
I feel as though I must explain my disappearance to you as I have vanished for quite some time!!
At the beginning of January I was buried under a mountain of revision guides, notes, books, dates and more dates all in preparation for my A-Level mock exams. My days were a routine of getting up, eating a bowl of porridge, going to college, coming home and learning .. well, dates, and then falling asleep only to wake up, eat some more porridge (with jam in may I add!!) go to college and learn some dates – Groundhog Day much?!
The mocks came and went and after a tiresome month my routine was broken with the arrival of my sister’s 21st Birthday Party! This was so fun! She came home for the first weekend in February and we practically chilled and pigged out for the whole three days. Cake, Pizza, meals out … it was awesome!
The only downside was is that on the Sunday night, I felt rather ill. But I went to sleep and just thought that it was the excessive intake of rich, glorious food!!
Monday morning, I still felt the same: a little bit shakey; my tummy didn’t seem to settle and my temperature was playing up. But I thought it would pass and it was just the morning groggy feeling.
Oh how I was wrong.
Throughout the first period at college a burning sensation grew in my tummy, something definitely wasn’t right, I’d never felt so terrible before. I phoned my dad to pick me up and within two hours of coming home I was being taken to hospital in an ambulance!
Turned out I had appendicitis and had to have an operation. I won’t go into the gory details, but lets just say it wasn’t pretty. The operation went well however, following it I had to be put on a course of antibiotics for 48 hours. These things were awful! I can’t remember the names of them but apparently they were three really strong antibiotics of which made me feel so ill! I couldn’t eat for five days and I lost so much weight. The anti-sickness pills they put me on made me hallucinate which didn’t help – it was terrifying.
But that is all over now, and I’m just left with a few tiny scars to remind me of my trip to the hospital – I’m always one to pick up a souvenir!
I am definitely going to get back into blogging; I’ve missed it so much.
As you may have noticed not only have I been fixed, but so has my blog! I’ve changed the whole layout and format, even got myself a new kickass banner! Massive thanks to Alex Birch for making it … check out his Facebook page
I hope you’ve all had a good start to the year … any plans for Spring?


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    My sweet angel xxxx


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