So I revamped my blog today! It needed to be done, I don’t think I had updated that previous picture of me since the day I created this – though I’ve not really changed too much!

Everything is so busy at the moment. I feel like one of those cartoon characters with the bulging bloodshot eyes, dragging their feet behind them and clinging on to their last bit of spark. You know the ones right?
Well that’s exactly how I’m feeling, I just hope I don’t look like that. I’ve had tons and tons and tons of essay writing to complete, which I’m so close yet so far to finishing. It’s a never ending circle of drafts and redrafts until the deadline which is slowly creeping up on me.

I took a trip to the Trafford Centre though this Sunday, you know, having a little shopping break from the stacks of paper that cover my desk like a pall. It was great, we started the day off with Champaign, Strawberries and Cupcakes, then swayed our way through the shops to make a start on the gigantic task of Christmas Shopping. Unfortunately though, I didn’t really buy much which is quite sad. Just a hat for myself and one present for my dear friend, Millie.
I had to get the hat though … It had ears!

Now I’m off on my merry way to do … more redrafts!! This will be the death of me! Happy readingand I hope you like the new format of my blog! x


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