National Poetry Day

Hey, so today is National Poetry Day. To support this I’ve decided to post up a poem that I wrote a few months back now. I hope it’s okay, please let me know what you think of it!


Close the door on the icy screams of your beloved,
And throw away the frozen glow that broke your heart in two,
Shivers trickle through your veins and outcast your humbled thoughts,
Lost feelings whirl around seeking pleasure in finding you.
For once you’re not a child anymore, but an entity thrown into the mass of broken souls,
Fiercely fighting to survive, your shadow sinks into the ground.
Alone and wilted on the floor of your lovers house, surrounded by rose petals and time;
Time that seeks upon you like an unwanted virtue then takes you at your best,
Changing minds and bodies until we join our familiar shadows in the ground.
Does afterlife even exist?
We can only be sure of the one we’re living now,
And even this is full of fakery and wicked spells that charm you towards hell.
Fire blood and anguish carves the world joined with hope, love and ambition.
We see only what we want and act on what pleases us, what pleases you.
Together in a unity we stand alone, after all we are mammals in this world
That destroy other creatures searching for light and all for what?
In the end we will become the earth around us, falling from the sky in tiny droplets,
Reborn into an unknown world, not the one we see now.
Forever changing,
Forever moving.
Yet death is just a step away.

Abigail Gillibrand

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