Blue Monday and Batman

The picture in the paper (which made me gain like, 5stone) … I’m the one wearing the orange jumper.

I went to see Batman, The Dark Night Rises, today. Was extremely good and I started filling up at the end; are you meant to cry at Batman? Can’t say I’ve done much more today. Listened to a bit of New Order, I’ve only just started getting into them which is highly embarrassing! I should have listened to them ages ago. I mean … I’ve always liked ‘Blue Monday’, just haven’t ventured past it. Kind of like The Primitives, I’ve listened to ‘Crash’, but didn’t really get deeper than that for a while.

Anyway, whilst I was on holiday, I purchased a New Order record completely blind. I played it when I got back and they’re so good! So if you’ve been like me and casted over them, please give some of their other things a listen cause I think they’re verging on being one of my favourite bands. And if you’ve never heard of them, listen to ‘Blue Monday’ or ‘True Faith’, class tunes! Also, do check out The Primitives, they’re also ace.

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