Results day

Hookay, so yesterday was results day. I was so nervous and haven’t eaten/slept properly for the last few days, but everything has turned out alright! I was one of the first people in my school to receive my results and I opened the scary brown envolope with two other friends. To be honest, I didn’t expect the results I got; I thought I had done worse! I ended up getting 3 A*s, 6.5 As, 1 B and 2 Cs (one of which being in further maths?!?!?!?! And the other was our 16 week course in Psychology).

I’m so happy with what I got, and one ofmy A*s was in art which is a huuuge shock! A*s in art are unheard of, and my teacher kept saying that I wouldn’t get the grade I wanted … I mean, I guess she was half right .. I didn’t get the grade I wanted, I got far better! So yesterday was an extremely good day.
Today, I enrolled at sixth form. I’ve chosen to do REP (Religion, Ethics and Philosophy), English Lit, English Lang and History Modern, hopefully it will get me onto an English course at uni in two years. I was also in the paper today. We were asked to jump in the air with our results (which was highly embarrassing) and then were interviewed afterwards. It’s a lovely write up though, says something like ‘’Abigail Gillibrand, an aspiring Journalist got a string of As and A*s’’ … so proud of my little self!
So yeah, I’m really chuffed with the past few days, things have seemed to run very smoothly which is ace, but all these sleepless nights and early mornings have left me drained. I think it’s a hot chocolate and bed for me!
Night peeps 🙂 xx

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