It’s meant to be summer and it has not stopped raining! Apparently we were meant to have a months rain in a weekend, the weekend of prom. The Friday before it hadn’t stopped raining and I thought that it wouldn’t on prom night.
I watched the weather all day, praying for it to hold out and it actually did! I was so happy, it wasn’t particularly hot and was quite windy, but as for the rain … there was none in sight!

I’d not been overly fussed about prom. It’s an evening spent with friends, a gathering to say farewell when we all leave school. I don’t see why we have to make such a huge deal over it and wear dresses. It costs so much just for one night! Don’t get me wrong, my dress was lovely, but all that expense for one evening? I find it all slightly embarrassing too. Getting the dress fitted, people fussing over what make up you should wear or what shoes would go best with the dress. I’m not a girly girl and I wouldn’t say I like to be centre of attention (maybe in the centre .. just without the attention?) so all this dressing up and going for fittings was quite scary for me!

Prom was a good night though I guess. I’d worried about it for so long, thought something would go wrong, the vintage car wouldn’t show up, the dress would get ripped, but it all seemed to go pretty smoothly (Except I broke my sisters bag she’d lent me!) Over all I had fun. Danced all night with my friends and had a laugh! From clambering up to the top deck on a bus in a floor length dress to sitting and eating a meal (which I must say were the smallest portions I’ve ever seen) it was great.

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