Record Store Day

Hey Guys! Long time no blog. I’ve just been so busy with revision and things! Only seven weeks of school left so everything is crazy. Even though I’ve not written for a while, I don’t have much to report! I’ve got my prom dress and shoes, though everything is sort of secret at the moment, but I will take a picture of my dress when I go to my next fitting!

I believe that it’s record store day today, though nothing ever happens around where I live so it’s kinda a failing RSD for me! O’Genesis are releasing some records though, The Vaccines, R. Stevie Moore and I think Tim Burgess is bringing one out too! He’s also releasing his book very shortly, in five days to be exact, so pre order yours on amazon if you haven’t already!! It’s got some great reviews especially one from Q Magazine saying ‘’ Tim Burgess’s autobiography is like the best bits of every other cautionary rock star tale’’. My copy has just come through like right now! So I know what I’ll be reading today!

My second issue of Woodnote is almost ready to be released. Just waiting on the last few reviews to be written, and an interview from Mark Collins! Hopefully it’ll be finished by the 11th May, ready for the Tim Burgess book signing. He said he’d swap one for a hug and a photo so it must be finished by then!

Till I next blog …

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