Hey guys! Sorry I’ve not updated this in a while, I’ve just had so much work to do! On Monday and Tuesday I had two 5 hour art exams in which I had to produce a final piece that all links to my coursework. It was quite weird, I had to do the ten hours in complete silence, but it all paid off in the end! I tried to base my final piece on Andy Warhol, Robert Delaunay, Damian Hirst, Sandhi Schimmel and Piet Mondrian. All together I think I did a pretty good job!

Here’s a picture of it!

The first square says ‘’ アビ‘’ Which is Japanese, but the picture kinda makes it look like PE haha. The idea of it is to show all of my interests on the outside that make up me – which is the square in the middle.

I put my Factory Floor pictures in for my coursework and today my teacher said that either one of them could have been my final piece! So I think my art is quite good at the moment, I just hope the examiner likes it!

Also listen to this! It’s kinda my favourite song at the moment….

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