The dark I see

Okay, so I thought I’d catch up a little bit on the whole blogging thing. Not much has happened here if I’m honest with you! I’ve been soo freaked out about my art work that all of my time is dedicated to that. We only have two weeks left to produce a decent portfolio and have some idea on what to draw for our final exam, so everything at the moment is cram cram cram!

Luckily I have a few pieces already that will fit perfectly for the exam, so already I have a small head start, but still! I feel like the whole thing is kinda messy, I can’t wait till it’s done so I can finally get my life back, and so I can draw what I want.

Other than art I’ve not been doing much. It was our results day today for some GCSE’s we’ve taken, and we only got one result. This fails as I took way more than one test. It was physics and I got a B which I’m quite happy with, but for the amount of work I put in for it … it sucks. Anyway,  I think we’re finding out our chemistry and English results tomorrow, which is scary!

I’m really into LIGHTS at the moment. It’s kinda a change from what I normally listen to, but she’s so awesome! You should check out some of her songs.


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