Tim Peaks

Well, yesterday was really sad! For those of you who don’t know, Tim Burgess ran an online diner every morning on twitter. Here he would write ‘Morning tweets x coffee’ and then reply to the customers who placed their orders. He’d been running this now for around six months and had opened it every day at eight o’clock. He named his diner ‘Tim Peaks’ after the 90’s David Lynch show ‘Twin Peaks’ and there had been various merchandise made including mugs, T-shirts and comic strips. Then, all of a sudden on Thursday, we go the news that he would no longer be doing this as from Saturday.
I remember my first order at the diner. It was orange juice and pancakes! Unfortunately he told me that they’d run out of pancakes and therefore I was only left with orange juice! As from then, I think I just ordered Red Bushes!
People who weren’t involved in Tim Peaks won’t really understand what a powerful and emotional journey it was. Tim would give up time of the day just to bond with his fans. He held listening parties where he would go through each Charlatan album, say the meaning behind the lyrics and what his inspirations were.
 It was truly fascinating and amazing whilst it lasted! I think everyone shed a tear as his final tweet went up saying ‘Tim Peaks. Twitter branch. Closed.’ What an awesome experience with so many people involved. Tim peaks will never be forgotten!

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