Music and artists that have inspired me over 2011!

Music and artists that have inspired and helped me over 2011!
The Charlatans
They produce such heartfelt music and are one of the first bands that I have actually got really into! Some of their songs (like, tellin’ stories) have bought me to tears when first listening to it. They really do create such beautiful lyrics and with their history and everything that has happened to them, they’ve proven that anything is possible!
Tim Burgess
He has had such a busy year! Tim peaks, Book writing, Radio shows, O’Genesis Records and recording a solo album. He is actually amazing, and it’s kinda weird, but I feel as though he is there for me from time to time. With all of this going on he has still taken time to complete an interview for my fanzine. So I really appreciate this. Thanks Tim! He has been a huge inspiration to me this year, not just because of everything he has achieved and done, but he just seems to be a genuinely nice person! I hope 2012 is just as good as 2011 has been for him, if not better!
Joseph Coward
Besides his amazing voice and eerie yet charming music, he’s really supported my fanzine! Doing interviews and trying to advertise my blog (etc.) he has been amazing to me this year. So I’d really like to thank him for everything. I hope 2012 is a successful year for him and I hope that I get to see one of his gigs!
Factory Floor
Their music is amazing. I’ve only just recently started getting into this band but they’re really cool! With ‘Two different ways’ just being released and in so many charts I think the end of 2011 has been awesome for them! I really hope 2012 is successful too and that they keep producing ace music! Again, hopefully I’ll be able to make it to one of their gigs this coming year! I’d also like to thank Nik Void for doing an interview for my fanzine. It’s amazing and I can’t wait till you guys get to read it!!
Tom Caulfield
His music is awesome and he seems to be a really nice person! I like to thank him for being the first person that I’ve interviewed! It was such an exciting time for me. I hope he has an awesome new year and that 2012 is really successful for him!

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