Hey people!! I’ve had the most amazing few days!! Firstly, we broke up for Christmas which is awesome in itself. And then on Saturday I had a Christmas Party with a few of my friends. It was so lovely and they’re all fantastic! They bought crackers round and we had our secret santas; it was a great night! I also ate this horrible chilli sauce which was concentrated chilli and one teaspoon was meant to make a whole curry hot? and I just licked the whole teaspoon. It was crazy! I ate like five ice cubes and half a tube of Ice cream and my mouth was still burning.
Feeling really happy at the moment. Everything seems to be going right for once! I have an amazing set of friends that are there for me, and I really can’t imagine life without them. I’ve kinda struggled my way through the first three years of High School with one true friend, but now I’ve fell upon this group of awesome people and yeah! I feel really lucky to know these guys. The sad thing is though is that next year we all leave school, and we’re all going to different places so I don’t know what’s going to happen there. Its kinda upsetting to think that I’ve finally found truly amazing friends and within a year of knowing them, we’re all going to be separated! We must keep in touch.
Anyway, enough of the friendship rant, Tim Burgess got back to my e-mail! So, all of today I’ve been literally on the ceiling. He is such an inspirational person to me and his music plays a huge part in my life right now, so to get the interview back from him was amazing. He is my idol, so yeah, been buzzing all day!! The interview will be featured in my second fanzine, and an interview with Joseph Coward will be featured in my first! So everything is really exciting.
Joseph Coward is amazing too. Have been talking  to him via Facebook a lot recently and he is awesome! He never fails to cheer me up these days! He is bringing out a new video for his single ‘If you want to get going get talking (to me)’ which I actually can’t wait to see!
Thanks for reading, I’ll keep you posted on Joseph’s Video teehee!
Me suffering from the chilli …

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